10 Best Games To Play If You Liked Hades


Supergiant Game’s 2018 indie platformer underworld is a masterclass in video game storytelling, hack-and-slash gameplay, and character design. Received universal acclaim from players and critics, underworld won several awards at the Golden Joystick Awards, The Game Awards 2020 and the prestigious Hugo Awards.

Revolving around the son of the god of the underworld, Zagreus, underworld has players making their way out of different areas of the underworld. Along the way, they encounter various Greek gods and mythological personalities who will either bless them with boons or make it harder for them to escape from the realm of the dead. Those who enjoyed the game will be pleased to know that there are plenty of titles out there that have a similar atmosphere and experience. underworld has.


ten kill the arrow

A gripper using a Defect deck in Slay the Spire

just like underworld, kill the arrow is an indie roguelike where players must kill monsters in procedurally generated levels. However, kill the arrow is more focused on deck building and turn-based combat.

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In the game, players will have to choose between four classes in order to climb the titular spire. Each class has its own deck of cards to discover, and along the way players will earn new cards and find the best strategies for each climb. Although it does not have a gripping story, kill the arrow allows for strategic planning, which is reminiscent of Hells’ perks and weapon aspects.

9 dreamscaper

Dreamscaper Blanket

In dreamscaper, players control a woman named Cassidy. Afterburner Studios’ roguelite game features dungeon crawlers centered around the trauma of the main character. Players can collect loot, unlock new rooms and fight bosses in dreamscaper dungeons. If they meet their demise while fighting, the main character awakens from the dream and the player will have to start from the top.

dreamscaper the visuals and lore could be a far cry from the excellent narrative and polished graphics of underworldbut it features the same hack-and-slash roguelite action as the award-winning indie game.

8 The Binding of Isaac

Gameplay of the roguelike game The Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike game loosely based on the biblical story. In the game, Isaac will have to escape from the monster-infested basement of their home and flee from his mother.

The Binding of IsaacIt’s got a ton of fun content for players who are willing to get lost in its world – from extremely difficult and grotesque stages to a myriad of bonuses and trinkets. The roguelike gameplay and mechanics of The Binding of Isaac is somewhat similar to underworldbut the latter definitely has a more polished and attractive art style.

seven Chance of rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner

Chance of rain 2 shares similar roguelike elements with underworldas well as familiar looting mechanics found in the game The wonders of Tiny Tina. However, Chance of rain 2 involves third-person shooter combat instead of hack-and-slash gameplay. In the game, players assume control of a lone individual stuck on an alien planet. In order to escape their intergalactic situation, they will have to cross different areas, loot chests and kill alien monsters.

Players should prepare as Chance of rain 2 is known for its random and difficult races. Luckily, the game allows for co-op racing which makes it easier for players to complete the game.

6 dead cells

A deadly fall takes place in Dead Cells

Developed by Motion Twin, dead cells is a roguelike game about a creature stuck on a sick island and tasked with killing its king. Similar to underworldthe player loses all buffs and items they gain from each run if they succumb to the monsters waiting for them.

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The game also has a well-executed and polished art style that fits perfectly with its sound design and gameplay loop. quick picks that can affect their success rate in every run.

5 Return

Returnal is one of the best PlayStation games of 2021

Released for the PlayStation 5, Return is a AAA roguelike game paired with stunning visuals and immersive audio design. It also features a third-person shooter where players fight hostile alien enemies.

Return is similar to Hades in that it constantly forces players to make a decision between alien weapons, mods, and consumables – which is a bit like the latter game’s perk system. Roguelike fans who love underworld should pick up Return if they want a game full of fun discoveries and with agile protagonists.

4 Children of Morta

The Bergson family is one of the most famous families in video game history. The protagonists of the retro roguelike game Children of Mortamembers of the Bergson family are tasked with defending the titular mountain against a sinister force known as the Corruption.

The game carries an expansive storytelling style similar to underworld. It also features well-executed race-based gameplay that allows players to earn tangible growth, making the next race easier than the last. The game was well received by critics for its smooth progression system, attractive 2D graphics, and co-op feature.

3 Dandy As

Dandy Ace Review Mirror Portal

Some players think Mad Mimic is Dandy As is a visual cross between underworld and Character due to its vibrant isometric visuals and magical theme. Dandy As uses a deck-building game system that encourages players to be smart with the cards they win in order to defeat evil monsters and bosses.

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In the game, players control a magician who must emerge from a cursed mirror and defeat a sinister illusionist. However, this turns out to be a gargantuan task for the magician, as each run comes with a new set of challenges for players to complete. While some gamers think the gameplay can get monotonous at times, Dandy As still worth a try for its excellent combat mechanics and eye-catching visuals.

2 Enter the dungeon

In the roguelike game Enter the dungeon, players will have to choose between four protagonists who must fight their way out of a shape-shifting dungeon. Along with the randomly generated rooms, players will also need to prepare as the enemies they encounter differ in strength, attack behavior, and stamina.

Enter the Gungeon and Hells’ weapon system is similar in some ways. In Enter the dungeon, players will have to choose between customizable destructive weapons like the Alien Engine and the Scrambler. During this time at underworld, players choose between different mythological Infernal Weapons like the Aegis or Malphon. Overall, both games adopt an addictive roguelike mechanic which is further enhanced by its weapon systems.

1 Legend Wizard

magician of legend is a 2D dungeon crawler that highlights a magical wizard and his journey in search of power and fortune. With its top-down gameplay, magician of legend is an addictive adventure game that requires players to use spells to defeat enemies and travel safely through dungeons.

just like underworld, magician of legend has a few bosses that will test players’ skills. So while players can safely traverse a dungeon and survive the monsters within it, they should be prepared for the game’s extremely difficult main bosses.

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