10 fun board games for 6 or more players


For any board game enthusiast with a large family or lots of friends, it can sometimes be difficult to find tabletop games that can accommodate more robust groups without becoming unbalanced or boring.

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If a group is larger, even if the game does not limit the number of players, players may get bored waiting for their turn or be removed from the game early and have to wait for everyone to finish. Some games, however, are designed to handle higher player counts and may even be more fun than they would be with fewer players.

ten Tsuro: The Path Game Forces Players to Choose Carefully

The game board and pieces of Tsuro: The Path Game

Tsuro: the game of the path is a tile-based game for up to eight players. Players lay tiles, each with an arrangement of pathways on them, building the route their dragon must follow. The object of the game is to be the last player left on the board, with all others having been forced to follow their path just to the edge of the map.

In Tsuro: The Path Game, choosing which tiles to place where becomes increasingly complex as there are more markers on the map, making the game lend itself well to larger groups.

9 Dixit: Odyssey is an expansion for larger groups

Equipment to play Dixit: Odyssey

Similar to its smaller predecessor, Said: Odyssey is a game of interpretation and understanding. Each turn, one player assumes the role of the storyteller: they choose a card from their hand and provide the group with a clue that they think describes it. Each player then chooses a card that they think matches that clue. All chosen cards are then laid out on the table and players must determine which was the storyteller’s original card. For the storyteller to earn points, at least one player must find their original card, but not all of them.

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While the original base game could only allow up to six players, as a deluxe expansion, Says: OdysseyThe standalone version of can be played with up to 12 people, individually or in teams.

8 One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a versatile modern classic

One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game components and roles in the box

When looking for tabletop games for a large group, those looking will find an abundance of hidden identity and social deduction games. A well-known staple of this genre is One Night Ultimate Werewolfan adventure to find out who at the table might be a bloodthirsty monster.

This game can be played with or without its accompanying app and includes both cards and tokens of the different roles players can play each night. The game can even be played with a basic deck of cards in a pinch for those familiar enough with it. (Although with the game’s iconic art and intricate construction, there’s no reason to want that.)

7 A fake artist travels to New York to arouse suspicion

The equipment to play a Fake Artist Goes to New York

A fake artist goes to New York combines the fun of pen and paper Pictionary with the thrill of unearthing an impostor. All players then receive cards with the title of the artwork on them, as chosen by the Question Master, except one, who receives a card with an X. This player is now the fake artist and must determine which is the title without alerting the others.

Each player draws a line or mark as the piece spins. With an increased number of players, this game becomes a complex challenge of paying attention to the behavior and choices of all players to find out who is faking it.

6 The herd mentality tries to blend in

Herd Mentality Board Game

The objective of herd mentality is to try to be just like everyone else. Each round, the Question Wrangler asks the group one of the questions from the cards in the deck, and then all players write down the answer they think will be the most popular. If the player’s answer corresponds to the majority, he wins a cow.

However, if a player’s answer is isolated, they are given the pink cow. When this token is in a player’s possession, he cannot win, regardless of his score. The more players there are at the table, up to 20 according to the rules, the more difficult it will become to predict the majority response.

5 Sushi Party! Gives gamers more of what they love

Sushi Party!  Setting up the board game on the table

Sushi Party! takes another popular modern game and expands it to suit more crowded tables of up to eight players. By adding new categories of cards and game pieces but without changing the basic rules or the objective, Sushi Party! improves the base game without forcing fans of it to start from scratch.

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Players run their hands around the table like a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, each taking one card per turn to build their sushi feast and earn points. The player with the most points at the end of three rounds is the winner, and the quick turnaround often leaves players climbing for another game of play to begin.

4 Cards Against Humanity are good and fun at parties

A raunchy, irreverent and vulgar take on the now traditional game mechanic of each player handing over a card they think suits the prompt and one being deemed the winner, Cards Against Humanity has found its place in many university parties or congress meetings.

Although there is no limit to the number of players listed in the game’s official rules, most who have played it recommend a maximum of seven to eight players, as any extra number can drag out turns and lose the interest of the players. (For a family-friendly alternative, try From apples to apples.)

3 Camel Up is an adventurous game of chance

Camel Up Board Game Now Playing

In Camel, the gamblers are members of Egyptian high society seeking to increase their fortunes by betting on camel racing. Depending on the circumstances of each stage of the race, players can carefully choose which camel to stake their hard-earned coins on.

As the camels move around the board, players reveal their moves by removing dice from the pyramid in the center of the board. A test of luck and skill, Camel has enough character cards for up to eight players to join the betting ring.

2 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception Murder In Hong Kong Board Game Now Playing

Similar to Indexbut with a modern aesthetic and a touch of hidden identity, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong asks players to solve a murder. The twist is that one of them is the murderer, and the others must not only uncover them, but also find both the evidence and the murder weapon to win.

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There are three rounds of evidence gathering and investigation after the crime, after which the table must determine their charges. Since the game allows up to 12 players, it makes finding and ousting the murderer a unique challenge.

1 The Captain is Dead is a cooperative sci-fi episode

The Captain Is Dead game board

In The captain is dead Up to seven players take on the role of a spaceship crew that has lost its captain and is attacked by hostile alien forces. It’s up to them to keep the ship together and get the Jump Core working again to escape and win the game.

As a cooperative game, The captain is dead requires all players to work as a team in order to ensure their survival and success. With changeable difficulty levels, this game is a great choice for a group of novice or veteran players.

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