5 Criticized Games That Actually Deserve Remakes


Jurassic Park: Intruder

What went wrong:

For internet, Jurassic Park: Intruder is just a joke. A good one, otherwise we wouldn’t have written countless articles poking fun at the way he uses breasts to display the character’s assist meter, but there’s a crazy good game hidden in this wilderness. Intruder got a lot of bullshit because, much like its source material, it dealt with unknown technology. Instead of dinosaurs, however, the developers were working with physics-based mechanics.


Some might know it as the game that attempted to revolutionize the industry by allowing players to shoot from the most unrealistic angles.

The mechanics were pretty groundbreaking, in fact, with the developers of Half Life 2 citing him as the main inspiration for his awesome puzzles, but it seems Trespasser’s creators spent too much time working on the physics as the rest of the game is pretty bland. Anext to some dinosaurs that we have to try to shoot through an aiming system that consists of the main character’s arm waving randomly all over the screen, Intruder is an essentially solitary experience. The most fun time anyone can have here is actually skimming the entire game (yes, the bugs find a way).

more wonky camera angles


Pictured: The only time this wonky aiming system looked cool.

how to fix it:

We probably should have said that when they had time to link for Jurassic World: Dominionbut ditch all the wonky shooter elements and focus on making it a high stress survival horror game where players have to escape some kind of crisis caused by dinos only by using their brains on all kinds of clever puzzles (it’s totally fair to go and play Half-Life 2 for inspiration, they kind of owe it to Intruder)


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