5 games with genre selection where choice matters (and 5 where you don’t)


Sometimes a game gives the player the choice of gender selection for no other reason than letting the player choose their avatar. Nothing significant changes, and the game continues as if there was no choice to begin with. It just allows players to fit in or choose which character they’d prefer to play with instead of worrying about what might happen.

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Other games, however, make sure to emphasize the choice by making sure that there will be differences based on that choice. These could be dialogue changes, stat differences, or even major differences for voices, armor, and weapons. Other choices may be limited depending on what the player chose early on, leading to some preemptive research to see what might change as well as opening up the game to multiple games.

ten Matters: Mass Effect has some very interesting differences

Mass Effect Woman and Man Commander Shepard

If there is one thing that divides the Mass Effect fandom is whether or not someone prefers to play Commander Shepard as a male or female. While at first glance it might seem like there isn’t a big change, especially how the developers treat their character, there are actually big differences between this seemingly innocuous choice.

Male Shepard comes across as monotonous and bland where the female has more energy, and she also has more unique lines than her male counterpart. Also in Mass effect 3 there are shared dating options, with the exception of one blue-skinned alien in particular. Andromeda although each of the Rhyder twins were so independent of each other that they nodded at each other.

9 Never mind: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey barely changes pronouns

Assassins Creed Odyssey Kassandra Alexios

The majority of the dialogue even stays the same throughout Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey So much so that it really sent shock waves throughout the gaming community. Pretty much the only thing that changes is the use of pronouns, and that’s only in a handful of cases they’re used and in the DLC.

The armor doesn’t change to be more skimpy for Kassandra, which is another solid bonus. Not to mention, she also doesn’t get that weirdly illogical form of armor to show off her chest that most female game characters tend to have. It looks like a slimmer version of the same things Alexios gets. Their dating options remain the same, their dialogue options are the same, except when they say things like “brother” or “sister” to refer to their brother or sister. They also don’t get any differences in terms of experience performance, combat prowess, or anything else. There’s really no difference between them other than personal preference, although some fans will say it’s best when Kassandra is in the lead.

8 Matters: Dishonored 2 even splits the skill tree

Dishonored 2 characters divided by a blade

Dishonored 2 really hit fans where it hurt by dramatically dividing up what the protagonist could and couldn’t do based on his gender. There are different skill trees and story interactions, with some things working better for one genre than they might have for the other in some places.

Not to mention that the masculine style tends to be a little more stereotypical in the grunge factor as the woman gets a little more elegant … or illogical. It also doesn’t mean that either one is so bland in terms of character, it’s just something to consider before choosing the character. The types of reactions and things available really depend on what was chosen initially, so picking the gender based on your preferred playstyle the second time around is a good choice.

7 It doesn’t matter: fables 2 and 3 don’t really care about this choice

Fable III Heroes of Brightwall

For games that care so much about player choice, Fable 2 and 3 It doesn’t matter what gender the player selected at the very start of the game. The original game probably wouldn’t have cared about that either, but they only had the option of playing a male character.

Even having children doesn’t do anything to either character. Time flies, no matter what the player chooses. The player can always woo whoever he wants from the hundreds of available NPCs and enough elbow grease. And if they get clothes for the opposite sex, they can still wear them. There may be chuckles, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

6 Matters: Dragon Age games have entire interactions locked behind genre choice

Dragon Age Inquisition character creation screen

The Dragon age games love their diversity. This comes with various benefits and consequences for all actions, and this includes sex selection. Some characters are more willing to speak or work with a specific gender, and some dating options are stuck behind choice.

Most notably, fan-favorite Dorian Pavus, who debuted in Inquisition will only give male characters a slew of flirtatious comments and free ass banging, while he just toned down his demeanor for female roles. He can’t even date a woman, which is a good thing. That NPCs also have their own sexuality.

5 Regardless: Saint’s Row 2 & Onward might not care who Playa is

Saints Row The Third Character Creation Image As Designed

Playa can be anything from Rue des Saints 2 when the already impressive character creation menu was further expanded to offer genre options. Even the developers refer to them with neutral pronouns and can be heavily customized to be whatever the player wants them to be from their skin color to their body type. Later games even offer the ability to adjust their personalities and reactions to things outside of the cutscenes.

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They also tend not to use pronouns for Playa throughout games, although once in a blue moon something awkwardly slides out as they try to connect the timeline. It’s fun and allows the player not to have to worry about getting into tasteless situations in a game that likes to marry the wacky with the hardcore.

4 Matters: Rune Factory 4 severely limits certain interactions with characters

Rune Factory 4 official art

As with most Harvest moon-style of games, Rune Factory 4 is a farming and dating simulator. This one was actually the first to really let players choose their protagonist, giving the male option to Lest and the female option to Frey. They are eventually allowed to visually exchange with each other, but their gender remains the same.

The point is, this limits a lot of their interactions with the characters and doesn’t allow them to be changed even if they swap their avatar. Some characters like the current prince are much less nice if the player is not datable. A good chunk of their cardiac events are even stuck behind choice, meaning the player can never fully experience about half of the cast beyond their tired and precocious reactions to them.

3 Regardless: The Elder Scrolls series struggles to realize that anything was chosen in general

Skyrim character creation

Some Old scrolls games have a visual difference between some armor, but games in general even struggle to recognize a player’s racial choices, so it’s no surprise that the gender selection in Morrowind, oblivion, and Skyrim pretty much is thrown by the wayside. Morrowind is a bit more aggressive towards things than his descendants, but even then it doesn’t matter whether the player is male or female.

For the most part, if the player is in first person, they won’t even notice if they are playing a man or a woman, a man, a sea or a beast through interactions alone so that he can be who he is. wants. Skyrim doesn’t even limit marriage or follower options, which was a real treat when it was released in 2011.

2 Matters: Pokémon seriously limits gender customization in games that offer it

Pokemon USUM character selection

If a player really enjoys customizing their characters, they need to be very careful in the Pokemon Games. Although not all of them offer the option to change their character’s appearance, most of them since X and Yes have given the option to some extent. Female characters have a greater number of hairstyle and clothing options, while men tend to have very bland outfits, few choices, and almost identical hairstyles.

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Plus, a good handful of games will trade the player’s rival for the character they didn’t select. They are sometimes referred to by pronouns, but they are usually simply referred to as a child or the friend of another character.

1 Regardless: Far Cry 5 barely shows the player anyway

Far Cry 5 character creation

Being a first person shooter most of the time Far cry 5 the player simply looks at their character’s forearms. The only time it becomes relevant is when they die and the camera pulls back to show the ragdoll effects.

There is no difference apart from that. No statistical difference, no customization options that really matter as there aren’t many opportunities to see them, and very little dialogue difference apart from a few slight exceptions. It is to the point that it is actually a bit irrelevant to choose because it matters so little and is so rarely seen.

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