Behavioral health organizations join together to improve services at CNY


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Omnes Independent Practice Association, a central New York City healthcare collective, will work to improve health outcomes for people with mental health and addiction disorders after its training in July, according to executives at the association.

The Central New York Behavioral Health Care Collaborative announced the training of Omnes in a Press release. The group is a joint effort with some of BHCC’s main partners, including Helio Health, Liberty Resources, Upstate Cerebral Palsy, and Inclusive Alliance Independent Practice Association.

The founding members will create an integrated network with a variety of services in areas such as addiction, mental health, developmental disabilities and social services.

The network was named Omnes, which in Latin means “all” or “everyone,” to reflect the community-based nature of health care, the statement said.


Katie Weldon, a former assistant professor in the graduate program at the School of Social Welfare at the University of Albany, has been appointed executive director of Omnes. Weldon graduated from Syracuse University’s Masters of Social Work program at Falk College.

“My role was to bring together all the providers in our network,… to bring together the vision of the organizing partners and to make sure that we had a base to really build this larger network,” said Weldon.

The cornerstone of Omnes is to bring together a variety of local organizations, all of which have had to put aside their competition to work together as a collective, said Jeremy Klemanski, Omnes board chairman and chairman- CEO of Helio Health, in the press release.

There was a learning curve for collective teamwork due to all the organizations coming from all over central New York City, Weldon said.

“It wasn’t just suppliers in Syracuse, or just suppliers in Utica. These are providers from five counties who got together with people they may never have worked with before, ”she said. “It was really about building that trust and establishing that rapport, which allowed us to develop this larger network. “

It was really about building that trust and building that rapport, which allowed us to develop this wider network.

Katie Weldon, Executive Director of Omnes IPA

The project would never have seen the light of day without funding and support from the New York State Office of Mental Health and Office of Addiction Services and Supports, Weldon said.

“Over the past three and a half years, they have worked with us to ensure that we have the support we need to be able to achieve our results,” said Weldon. “Without this funding, we would never have been able to do it. “

The BHCC brought together more than 35 Medicaid providers in central New York City, which created the Omnes foundation, the statement said.

“This is the path that the whole state is heading for, and it really helps remove many of the barriers that people seeking treatment have already faced, as we all work together to create these common processes,” said Weldon. “It will be much easier for communities to get the help they need when they need it.

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