Bradley Free Clinic is expanding its behavioral health wing in Roanoke


ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Bradley Free Clinic expanded and opened its new behavioral health wing in Roanoke on Wednesday.

The William and Margaret Robertson Behavioral Health Wing opened to the public on Wednesday, July 13, with six new counseling rooms and group counseling space for community members in need. Clinic officials say they used community-provided donations to fund the 1,900-square-foot expansion, which cost $1.3 million

“Access to behavioral health is one of the most pressing needs in the community,” said Dr. Randall Rhea, Chairman of Bradley’s Board of Directors. “This is especially true for low-income and underserved members of our community.”

According to the clinic, the primary goal of behavioral health services is to help people change their lives through mental health services, psychiatric assessment and medication management.

“Without it, there would be a lot more people struggling, so I’ve become a better person, a better friend, a better daughter and I can’t thank the Bradley Free Clinic enough for their help,” said Elizabeth Keeley. , a patient at the Bradley Free Clinic.

The overall mission of the Bradley Free Clinic would be to help provide health care to underserved and low-income individuals and communities.

According to an official, the clinic has grown from 50 mental health patients to more than 1,000 patients receiving peer counseling, medication management and recovery services over the past two years. The 200% increase is largely due to the integration with Mental Health America and the Hope Initiative.

According to the clinic, the $1.3 million expansion was made possible through contributions from the following companies and organizations: City of Roanoke – HUD Community Resources, Virginia Health Care Foundation, Roanoke Women’s Foundation, and the William & Margaret Robertson Family Fund.

In addition, support would come from the Community Catalyst Funds of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia, the Thomas P. and Lewise Parsley Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia, the Beirne Carter Foundation, and Tudor House.

The Bradley Free Clinic, located at 1240 3rd Street SW, provides free medical, dental, behavioral, and pharmaceutical care through volunteer medical professionals. More information is available online at


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