Bresnan denies racism allegations but apologizes to Rafiq for bullying


Former England manager Tim Bresnan has apologized to Azeem Rafiq for his bullying allegations, but “categorically denies” making any racist comments about his former Yorkshire team-mate.

Rafiq on Tuesday recounted in detail his experiences of racism and discrimination at the club as he addressed UK MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee.

In his witness statement, the 30-year-old said Bresnan “frequently made racist comments” and also claimed he was one of “six or seven” other players who had filed a bullying complaint against the leader because of his alleged behavior.

“For any role I contributed to Azeem Rafiq’s experience of feeling bullied in Yorkshire, I apologize wholeheartedly,” Bresnan said in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“After the publication of Azeem’s statement by the labor court, which I saw for the first time this afternoon, I must, however, categorically deny his accusation that I” frequently made racist comments “. Twitter to apologize to Rafiq after being accused of making derogatory comments about Asian cricketers to a third party.

“In October 2020, I had a private message exchange with a third party involved in cricket, on a number of topics,” Lloyd wrote on his handle on Tuesday.

“In these posts I referred to allegations about Azeem Rafiq that I had heard in the game. I also made some comments about the Asian cricket community.

“I deeply regret my actions, and I sincerely apologize to Azeem and the Asian cricket community for doing this and for any offense caused.” Llyod said he was “strongly committed to making cricket a more inclusive sport”. “It is very evident now that more work needs to be done and I will do whatever I can to eliminate discrimination from the sport I love and the sport that has been my life for over 50 years.” Rafiq a called Lloyd a ‘closet racist’, saying it was ‘disturbing’ as his Sky employers did ‘an incredible job of bringing racism to the fore’.

Sky, for its part, decided to probe the comments made by Llyod.

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