Champion Select Reports Will Finally Matter, Says Riot Games


Champion Select Reports was a long-requested feature by League of Legends fans, but their initial implementation had mixed results.

According to a statement from Riot Games, new penalties and systems for handling champion select reports and making them more impactful are imminent. What might these changes entail and how will they make them important?

How do champion select reports change?

Champion Select reports have already been implemented in League of Legends, but at this time there is no way for the report to prevent the game from happening or having much consequence. In a developer blog Publish Addressing how best to implement behavioral systems, Riot said system updates to eliminate pre-game toxicity are coming sooner than fans might have hoped.

In the post, Riot said the penalties will ultimately be tied to the reports that will be given in the pre-game draft. According to Riot, pre-game reports represent 3.2% of total reports in League of Legends, but not having a direct punishment system for reporting options already inside the game seemed useless to some fans.

Riot explained that the penalties for these reports will arrive in a patch as soon as possible. It looks like the reporting system will be tied to the same punishments as disruptive in-game behavior like inting, verbal abuse, and other similar offences.

The other behavioral systems topics that Riot covered were encouraging the 95% of players who aren’t consistently disruptive and trying to target the most consistent disruptive behavior. If Riot can encourage already well-behaved players to stay on the straight and narrow while discouraging the most common instances of toxicity, the vast majority of problems would be solved.

Toxicity will never be completely removed from League of Legends, but Riot Games seems to be doing its best to reduce it drastically.


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