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Console gamer and console gaming revenue growth rates are in the double digits in Mainland China.

The demand for consoles comes not only from higher levels of spending by gamers, but also from a niche set of gamers looking for high quality global games beyond what is found in PC games and mobiles in China. Since the cancellation of the console ban in 2014, a healthy market for legal console games in China is on the way.

The increase in spending until 2026 will be mainly due to the continued sales of Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, and the very aggressive growth in demand for high-end games from Chinese gamers.

What’s included:

  • A comprehensive market model and 5 year forecast to 2026

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of player demand, behavior, usage and spending

  • Drivers and obstacles to growth

  • Analysis includes legal and gray market consoles and games

  • 5-year sales and forecasts for games

  • 5-year sales and forecast for legal and gray market consoles including Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

  • Best games

  • Case studies

  • Factors console makers must overcome to succeed in this market, including cost, piracy, and government regulations

  • Exclusive Chinese Gamer Survey Analysis of Console Gaming Behaviour, Demand, Spending and More

  • 100 slides

Main lessons from the analysis:

  • Chinese console market size was $2.16 billion in 2021, up 16.7% year-on-year, and is expected to reach $2.53 billion in 2026, including Chinese legal versions and imports gray market hardware and software

  • The Nintendo Switch is the current market leader in China and the launch of the PlayStation 5 China version and the Xbox Series X – S China version were the main growth drivers in 2021

  • Nearly 80% of game revenue is generated from gray market sales due to too few licensed games available. Game consoles are legal in China, which ended a 15-year ban on consoles in 2015.

  • The publisher forecasts total console software and services revenue to reach $1.84 billion in 2026 with a 5-year CAGR of 10.5%, a higher growth rate than PC games

  • The total number of console gamers in mainland China reached 15.9 million in 2021, up 18.3% year-on-year, and is expected to reach 27 million in 2026

Main topics covered:

  • Executive Summary – Console Market Model

  • Knowledge

  • Market size and forecast

  • Console Games Market Model – Methodology

  • Console games market model

  • Console Hardware and Software Revenue 2020-2026E

  • Console Market Model: Overview

  • Console hardware units sold

  • Console Hardware Sales Revenue

  • Console Market Model: Hardware

  • Console game software and services revenue

  • Console market model: software and services

  • Console Market Model: Players

  • Growth drivers and inhibitors

  • Main drivers of growth

  • Key Growth Inhibitors

  • Impact of COVID-19 in 2021 and 2022

  • Game consoles in China

  • Sony Playstation console hardware launch data

  • Sony Playstation in Mainland China

  • Sony Playstation 5 China Version

  • Sony Playstation 5 Worldwide Version (Gray)

  • Marketing Strategy for Playstation

  • Sony’s China Hero Project

  • Sony Playstation hardware sales (units)

  • Sony Playstation predictions until 2026

  • Microsoft Xbox console hardware launch data

  • Microsoft Xbox in Mainland China

  • Xbox Series X – S launched in China (legal)

  • Xbox Series X – S in China (Gray)

  • Microsoft Xbox investment in China

  • Microsoft Xbox hardware sales (units)

  • Microsoft Xbox Predictions Through 2026

  • Nintendo console hardware launch data

  • Nintendo mainland China timeline

  • Nintendo Switch China Version

  • Nintendo Switch China Licensed Game Releases

  • Nintendo Switch China Version Vs Worldwide Sku

  • Key success factors for Switch

  • Tencent’s partnership with Nintendo

  • Main updates since the legal launch

  • Competitive games and esports for Switch

  • Nintendo Switch Marketing and Promotions

  • Case Study – Rabbids: Festival of Legends

  • Live services needed to drive engagement

  • Nintendo Switch hardware sales (units)

  • Nintendo Switch Predictions Through 2026

  • Console game industry

  • Increased investment in console games

  • M&A activity / Investment / Ipo

  • Main investments / acquisitions related to console gaming

  • Investment in Aaa Game Studios

  • Chinese Aaa games for console

  • The convergence of games and entertainment

  • Game accelerators for console games

  • Best streaming console games

  • The best console games on Huya, Douyu and Bilibili

  • Streaming Platforms

  • Console gaming Cloud gaming

  • Go beyond the console

  • Console Gamer Demographics

  • Console players on other platforms

  • Top 10 console games and market share

  • Time spent on console titles

  • Payments

  • Drivers and Influences of In-Game Spending

  • Drivers and Influences of Spending on Game Titles

  • Disliked aspects of games

  • Marketing and monetization

  • Game console ownership and planned purchase

  • Best Console Retailers

  • Penetration of the console market

  • Expenses

  • Hours played

  • Player Opinions on Market Trends

  • Game rules and licenses

  • Gaming Licenses 2017-2021

  • Game license freeze in mid-2021

  • Licenses granted in 2021 before the freeze

  • Console Game Licensing (March 2021- April 2022)

  • Licenses for console games (January-February 2021)

  • China Sku Vs Global Sku

  • Compliance for legal console games

  • Key gambling regulations in 2021 and 2022

  • China’s regulatory environment

  • Console game piracy in decline

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