All of us, as consumers, are looking for products that satisfy us and which, preferably, do not have many associated costs. It is the case of choosing a credit card, being normal we want to opt for a card without annuity. But are there really cards at no cost and will these be as advantageous as they seem? Find out everything in this article.

If you are looking for a credit card, it is important that you first compare the entire market so that you can make an informed and conscious decision. This is a financial product that has many advantages, from accumulation of points and air miles to discounts on partners or the possibility of receiving back part of the money you have spent ( cashback ).

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What is the market offer for non-annuity cards?

What is the market offer for non-annuity cards?


There are several free credit cards on the market, but in this analysis loyalty cards and those associated with a specific brand were not considered.

To know the whole offer of cards without annuity, just refer to the table below, paying special attention to the conditions required by financial institutions so that it is not necessary to pay annuity.

Card without annuity in Portugal

Bank / Financial Institution Credit card APR (Private Customers) Conditions for exemption from annuity
Montepio Classic 11.1% (1) First annuity: Associate customers or who have subscribed one of Montepio Consigo or Montepio Runner products. Semi-annually: total invoicing in excess of € 750 in the previous half-year.
Santander World 1 | 2 | 3 12.3% Monthly usage greater than 200 €.
Light 12.8% First free annuity, remaining free for purchases or credit advances, every 3 months, of 600 €.
ActivoBank Visa Classic 15.2% at
BBVA After Classic BBVA 15.6% Annual use of € 3,000 or more.
BiG Bank BiG Visa 15.7% at
Bank CTT Credit card 15.7% at
V of Volta 15.7% at
Bankinter Classic BK 15.7% at
Bankinter Consumer Finance BankinterCard 15.7% at
BBVA After BBVA Gold 15.7% Annual use of € 4,000 or more.
BPI BPI Zoom 15.7% (2) Customers of BPI.
Cetelem Black 15.7% at
Cofidis Credit Card Cofidis 15.7% at
Agricultural Credit CA & Company 15.7% at
CA Insurance 15.7% at
EuroBic Soft 15.7% at
Millennium bcp GO! 15.7% at
Santander Gold Select 15.7% If in one year you make € 6,000 in purchases or advances on credit.
Unibanco Classic 15.7% at
Life 15.7% at
Attitude 15.7% at
WiZink Rewards 15.7% at
Flex 15.7% at
  • Note: Data taken on August 6, 2018 from the prices available on the website of each institution.
  • (1) APR applied to clients not associated with Montepio Geral Associação Mutualista. For Associate customers the APR is 10.4%.
  • (2) APR applied to non-BPI customers. For BPI customers the APR is 13.1%.

Choose credit card

There are currently 24 credit cards from 18 financial institutions that are exempt from annuity payment, with interest rates ranging from 11.1% to 15.7%. But note that APR is not the only factor that matters.

Of the credit cards presented, seven require conditions so that it can be exempt from the annuity, such as making purchases or withdrawals on credit at a certain minimum amount or the need to be a client of the institution.

But attention

Choosing a non-annuity card that does not require fulfillment of some exemption requirements may not be the best option, because these types of cards may have higher interest rates.

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Pros and cons of a non-annuity card

Pros and cons of a non-annuity card


A non-annuity card can have many advantages. Apart from the obvious benefit – the exemption from paying the annual cost – there are others. Some of these cards have discount and point accumulation programs or even air miles, while others allow you to get back a percentage of the amount you spent the previous month (called a cashback feature ).

These credit cards may still have some insurance associated with them, such as theft insurance and card fraud or travel insurance . As with other credit cards, a non-annuity card can be used to make purchases over the Internet, with 3D Secure service or contactless technology.

There are some non-annuity credit cards that, in addition to advantages like the ones listed above, have membership offers for new customers. Thus, by joining cards like WiZink or Unibanco , you can get electronic products, such as smartphones , cameras or even televisions.

Join WiZink Flex Card

However, a non-annuity card also has its drawbacks. On the one hand, the customer who has a non-annuity card, as a rule, has access to a smaller insurance package and there may be mandatory conditions to ensure exemption from payment of the annual amount.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that a non-annuity card is, in any case, a credit card and, as such, will always have associated costs, which can range from the interest to be paid if the card is not paid. 100% credit , up to cash advance commissions or other bank charges and commissions.

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So, in conclusion, before choosing a non-annuity card, find out what requirements the financial institution requires, as well as what costs and fees to pay, and what the associated interest rate is. Know the advantages that this card holds and weigh the pros and cons to see if it is the card that is right for you.