Envision: Got a Denver Support Grant to expand training for LGBTQ + behavioral health care providers


Training to cover LGBTQ + youth, seniors, people of color, transgender and non-binary people

Envision: You are creating training to provide all who identify as gay with access to culturally affirmative behavioral care to help them heal emotionally.

– Steven Haden (he / him), Managing Director of Envision: You

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Imagine received a grant from the Caring for the Denver Foundation to extend the LGBTQ + Behavioral Health Care Provider Training Program. The grant of $ 130,487 over 24 months will fund the development of four training modules to meet the specific needs of LGBTQ + youth, seniors, people of color, transgender and non-binary people. These modules will be added to the basic and advanced courses for behavioral providers and will focus on the unique experiences and needs that these populations face.

In 2022, Envision: You, in partnership with the OMNI Institute, will organize focus groups of people with lived experience to inform the content of the four modules. The grant will also cover an advisory committee for each population-specific module to provide continuous feedback throughout the process to ensure the content is relevant. The new courses are expected to be introduced every four months from September 2022.

“Being treated by a provider who doesn’t understand various sexual and gender identities can do more harm than good. We want to make sure that all people from all walks of life who identify as gay have access to culturally affirming care to help them heal emotionally. With this Caring for Denver grant, we will expand our training program to give providers the tools they need to create safe spaces for all LGBTQ + people, ”said Steven Haden (he / he), CEO of Envision: You.

Launched in February 2021, the LGBTQ + Behavioral Health Care Provider Training Program is a multi-phase, in-person and online training program designed for therapists to gain an understanding of cultural relevance and create supportive and supportive environments. inclusive for LGBTQ + clients in a behavioral health environment. Over 300 psychologists, social workers, counselors and peer specialists completed the 75-minute online basic course and 150 completed the 9-hour advanced training.

“We need to do better for people with mental health and addiction needs,” said Lorez Meinhold (her), executive director of the Caring for Denver Foundation. “Envision: You’s innovative, community-centric solutions for raising awareness and providing culturally-affirming care will make a significant difference to the LGBTQ + community in Denver. “

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