Evil Characters Who Were Actually Good In Video Games


When exploring the different universes of video games, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Depending on the circumstances, the characters you encounter may have been severely altered or forced into their ways. This can cause them to behave in ways that seem undeniably bad or at the very least destructive.

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As a result, conflicts arise and you may find yourself judging these important characters because you only see the surface the longest. Yet there comes a time when all is revealed and those you thought were enemies turn out to be misunderstood or even saviors in their own right.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

8 Undyne

Undyne seems to be fighting

Undertale ended up being one of the most popular indie releases of all time due to a fresh take on the turn-based RPG and quality writing. Even though the story deserves attention, it’s the characters that really captured hearts around the world. They range from likeable and quirky to sinister and scary with Undyne having a significant impact.

Considered a loyal protector of the king and a hero among monsters, she first appears in intimidating knight armor and does her best to hunt you down. Each encounter is quite intense and culminates in a final battle with her. However, once her guard is literally down, she becomes charismatic and a real joy to be around.


7 Gumo

Gumo with Ori's family

Ori And The Blind Forest has garnered a lot of attention for its stunning visuals. It was built around a very mythical and artistic setting as well as a cute shiny protagonist. Going through the game, it quickly becomes clear that Ori is the main source of light in a darkening world. The enemies you’ll encounter are twisted and corrupted, with a large monstrous owl chasing you throughout.

However, the strange gremlin-like creature Gumo plays a part in disrupting your quest and stealing an important artifact in favor of the Darkness. His movements and demeanor immediately portray him as a villain, but eventually you learn that he joined the darkness out of fear. After further interactions with Ori, Gumo transforms into a caring ally willing to risk his life for his friends.

6 jecht

Jecht falls into sin

Final Fantasy X established its reputation as the very first entry in the series to arrive on the next-gen console that was the PS2 in its day. It has an epic story with memorable characters and detailed visuals that still hold up to this day and deserved a remaster. It focuses on the main character Tidus and his allies on their journey through Spira. It’s a fish out of water story that finds Tidus in a world he’s never known while being haunted by the past. Specifically, he is still tormented by the memory of his father, Jecht.

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Memories show that Jecht was an indifferent and neglectful parent who frequently insulted Tidus for his lack of skill and strength. It wasn’t until Jecht was transported to Spira that he really cleaned up his act. He became a valiant warrior and a trusted friend to the Saviors who preceded Tidus’ team. He also left messages apologizing to Tidus and even sacrificed himself to save his friends while using everything he had to manipulate Sin in ways that led to his destruction.

5 magician

Magus stares intently

If there’s one RPG that continues to stand the test of time, it’s Chrono Trigger. A turn-based pixel adventure involving characters from different eras and a way of time travel was bound to turn heads. Besides having a relatively simple time travel plot, it also has a myriad of memorable and menacing villains. Among them is Magus, a wizard who leads a kingdom of monsters in pursuit of his own goals.

Chrono and his friends face him and his minions on several occasions, but it is revealed that Magus was simply using his powers and resources to get revenge on Lavos, the game’s true antagonist. Frog with his form, Frog finds the strength to forgive him and even fight alongside him in a joint effort to kill Lavos and save the world.

4 Gwyndolin

Gwyndolin appears and prepares to fight

Dark Souls is a game where the line between good and evil has been erased. Talking to the characters and reading the lore, there are valid arguments for both ends and continuing the Age of Fire with the choice left to you. Regardless of the circumstances, the current state of affairs has made almost every creature you encounter hostile, with giant bosses being the main obstacle. It’s not until you reach Anor Londo that things lighten up a bit, due to the influence of Gwyndolin, the last remaining deity in the area.

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Being the child of Lord Gwyn, Gwyndolin remained extremely loyal to him and used his power to keep Anor Londo in pristine condition. If tampered with, he immediately becomes hostile and his physical appearance is quite unnerving, resembling a specter with tentacles. Despite this, following the events of Dark Souls, Gwyndolin took it upon himself to try to restore the Golden Age at the cost of his health and, eventually, his free will.

3 Dar

Dhar draws his sword for battle

Indivisible is an interesting take on turn-based combat where each character is assigned different buttons depending on their position. By hitting combos like you would in a fighting game, each character can perform their different techniques with the hero Anja having a diverse arsenal at the end. Throughout her quest, Anja will meet people who will become incarnations living in her mind, Dhar being the first.

Things start very badly with Dhar killing Anja’s father under the orders of the main villain. However, they are forced to work together, with Dhar’s illusions being shattered along the way and developing a fondness for the other characters. It is only when Anja loses herself in rage that Dhar sacrifices himself to save his companions and restore Anja’s spirit.

2 ekkill

Screenshot of Ekkill's profile

The Banner Saga truly embodies the idea of ​​a saga. As you lead an army of humans and giants across a frozen and dying world, you’ll have to make many tactical decisions both on and off the battlefield. This also means you’ll be involved in social disputes at stops along the way, one of the most notable being between Onef and Ekkill.

Talking to and looking at them, Onef is easily described as the more reliable and stable of the two, with Ekkill’s wild eyes getting on your nerves. However, it is revealed that Onef took advantage of Ekkill’s ways to portray him as a villain and the perpetrator of Onef’s violent crimes. Once Onef’s true nature is revealed, Ekkill fights alongside you to bring him to justice, forgives you for misjudging him, and joins your army as a mighty fighter.

1 poison ivy

Poison Ivy talks with Batman

The world of Batman is filled with colorful villains who all have very tragic and intense origin stories. Because of this, their minds were badly affected, leading them to a life of crime. Each has a very distinct theme and motivation for their actions, with Poison Ivy being one of the most understandable. Driven by a passionate desire to save the planet by encouraging plants to take over, Poison Ivy is frequently foiled by Batman due to her deadly and destructive methods.

However, in Batman: Arkham Knight, Poison Ivy returns as an important character. As Gotham City begins to drown in Scarecrow’s creepy gas, Batman convinces Poison Ivy to help. Rather than planning a double cross, she actually uses all her strength to grow massive plants all over the city to purge the gas and save the city, losing her life in the process.

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