Examples of objectives to be achieved in ABA (applied behavioral analysis)


Applied behavior analysis as an intervention can address countless topics. Here are examples of the various areas in which ABA services can help:

  • life skills which include:
    • everyday routine
    • organization
    • time management
    • food and meal skills
    • go to the toilet
    • hygiene skills
  • expressive communication skills which include:
    • learn to speak vocally with words
    • expand speech language to use more complex language
    • improve conversation skills
    • greet others and respond to greetings
    • ask for help
    • request items
  • receptive language skills which include:
    • following instructions
    • identification of stimuli on request
  • social skills which include things like:
    • take turns in game interactions
    • share
    • display assertive behavior (as opposed to passive or aggressive behavior)
    • participate in activities with peers
    • respond appropriately to new people
  • community skills that include things like:
    • meet a cashier in a store
    • buy items
    • money management
    • grocery store
    • place your own order at the restaurant
    • talk to a policeman
    • walk safely on a sidewalk
    • play in a park while displaying safe behaviors
    • skills in matters of security vis-à-vis foreigners

These are just a few examples of the types of issues that ABA Services can address.

In applied behavior analysis, these areas would be more clearly defined and treatment planning would be designed with detailed and comprehensive methods, but overall, ABA services are designed to improve the quality of life of those receiving the treatment. intervention.


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