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Winter in Forza Horizon 5 can be considered a dry season, but the new events and challenges offered in the latest weekly festival playlist are not only simple, but still practical. With the 12 Winter Series in place, we have time to research the latest cars, the best bits, and the easiest setups that will lead you to victory.

Despite the good looks, Series 12 will be followed more closely by seasonal championships, PR stunts, the trial, photo challenge, and more. Well, the idiot reveals a glimpse of his behavior this week.

I started with #Forzathon Weekly Challenge, Total Eclipse.

When I looked at the names of the Weekly Challenge chapters this week, I was envious of what was at their core, as well as lines from the movie Making masterpiece The Fast and The Furious, a moment fort of Vin Diesel.

This week, as the challenge title seems like a prize for a championship. For free, a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX will give Street Endurance competition a third chance. If you don’t have one in the garage, it will give you a 25,000 auto show center.

Chapter 1: No Crust, No Thun.

Only use your Mitsubishi brush to paint it bright green, then do step one.

The two-wheelers are in the case.

As with the big leagues now, we need to earn three Lucky Escape skills while driving through traffic. Do you drive a car that does not have AWD? What could happen as an error? The stock trim should be fine for this, so save your pennies. But the stock is too expensive, so I made some changes to create this share code: 715256536. Be crazy.

Chapter 3 Titles Titles Titles and numbers Titles.

Now we have to win the drag race, just like in the movie. Hopefully the car will pass better on the lines.

Chapter 4 Caution! Risid is the collector, a danger to him.

Finally, we will have to score around 100,000 skill points with our car.

Hold the roundabout, shred the tires and be there in no time. Despite the noise of tortured rubber, we finished.

Part 2 weekly challenges.

For my joypad, no eventlabs available this week, but lots of racing goodness! There will be four championships to win. Can we check what you have to offer?

The Trial Street Safari.

It’s going to be an interesting contest.

The challenge isn’t to get random drivers off the internet as usual, and outdo unbeatable drivers in a van (insert Sabine Schmidt quote here, God rest er) limited to the C 600 class.

There’s only one van available for a guy who grew up in the 1980s, like the GMC Vandura, or the A-Team van, what to know. The share is 734285428. It’s not the fastest car, but it’s quite smooth.

Winning will net you a very nice Mosler MT900S, one step closer to being released.

Games Survivors Playgrounds Seasonal games.

You have to play a game to win a car, which seems like a fair trade to me, and take a Super Saloon, up to Class A 800, and then play survival, basically applying yourself to enemy cars by promote social distancing!

I chose a front RS6, not a sedan, but it’s great. The credit card is 736888629.

When you lose, get yourself a Mercedes Unimog for our trouble.

Colina danger sign.

A car on the S2 998 class, suitable for this PR stunt, should be a car with any flavor and sail through the air for 518 meters. Weirdly, but here we go.

From 2019, I went on my Porsche Carrera S, tuned for this share code: 115257476. The ramp climbed over 230 mph and stumbled 542 yards, but then crossed to the left.

For the flight, a wheel of carotene will be yours.

Los Arboles Speed ​​Scam!

To win the competition, this car must reach a speed of 170 mph. In comparison, I took the same Porsche as the jump-training, so I accelerated to 300 km/h without problem.

Another Super Wheelspin? I don’t mind if I do that.

Championship Street Endurance, in season.

The name of today’s sports cars, which amounts to a maximum of class A 800, comes from an endurance component. It’s a chain of five events instead of the usual three.

I went for something fast and light, and the Toyota GR Supra was the weapon of choice. The code for mine is 984217186. There is no need to get the mute bodykit.

If you win the championship, it’s a dazzling Mitsubishi Eclipse. For the best reason, the timing is about right.

The Championship Series has a historic retro street.

Retro Hot Hats up to a maximum of GC Class 600? Register with me!

I remember when hot dogs were almost uninsurable because of the joyriders. There is always a chance to return to my youth now. Since I was looking at the choice on offer, I chose a classic 2004 Honda Civic & CCR, mainly because it’s already done for the event at the right level, without more work, and I couldn’t use an Escort RS Turbo.

Take a look at Hot Hatch, a Renault Megane R26R.

Seasonal champion, the marathon will be held in the competition.

As with the first major race since the previous days, this year’s Illathlon is getting more popular as the name Snickers said as World Day!

Our modern version is called S1 Class 900. To get one for real, I had a real car, the Nissan R35 GT-R, where I got used to it. This is my tune 972597860. There is a long run, but a fair lap luckily.

A TT RS will be won by victory. Don’t worry about the GT-R.

Seasonal championships are underway.

Trucks. They are big and not so fast, besides racing trucks they are big and scary.

We have to use a truck to compete. There is only one choice, the wheeled car: Mercedes Benz Tankpool, but not the Forza Edition version. The share code for mine is 625047114 and it’s a broken, half and a half; dragging something like this size must be illegal.

An HSV-Maloo will be your prize to win.

Part 3: Other challenges.

A photo, and a treasure you can find. Are there any open stocks? Yes, we have that too.

#Surveillance Photo Challenge.

Couldn’t pull out the camera and start lighting up your Insta? That’s what the kids say.

Well, in that case, grab the shiny new Megane R26.R you won a moment ago, take it to the street scene outpost and snap a shot. I let you show me the photo below.

My life is over now.

Super Street Scavenger Hunt.

Open the hatch and turn up the heat to take the super street podium read the hint this week, and Sherlock Holmes doesn’t need to investigate us to win a street competition in a Hot Hatch.

Since winning first in a Vauxhall Corsa VXR, I haven’t done this task for the first time. Using a 2021 Golf R unlocked it, and it turned out golden.

Here the treasure box is in the picture below. There are 100 food stamps – it’s really cute.

A path opened, a critical success for Horizon.

I will mark the 5th ultimate drift skill in Open-Drifting. I personally used custom tuning to pick the S1 class, then used my favorite Toyota Supra from Formula Drift to win it.

This will introduce the phrase Forzalink Its Moor time. Maybe a cool phrase I didn’t know.

Sixth parts of Hot Wheel events are included in the event.

In a winter series 12, we go to Hot Wheels with more fun.

Frosting Rush speed zone.

We should finish the speed zone at an average speed of 170 mph. It’s the only thing I recommend for this kind of performance: the Koenigsegg Agera. Let’s take actions available to you.

Don’t be at the edge of the ice. Bob should be a close friend of your choice.

How about an old wing?

The championship paints the street blue in season.

Last but not least is another racing championship, this time in the SH2-Class 998 hypercar. And luckily, it’s the tournament, so stick with me.

If you win the golf tournament, you’ll still have a few years to spare.

You can start the two monthly rivalry challenges that are still in place, if you haven’t already. They just ask you to drive carefully and cleanly around Bola Ocho and Forza EV.

Once everything is done, try to enjoy all the benefits of your Serie 12 Winter bundle. This week the Lynk & Co. 03+ will be available once you reach 20 pts and the Donkervoort GTO deployed at 40 pts. You can also pick up one of the full monthly cars, with the Audi RS e-tron sitting behind 80pts and the McLaren 765LT for 160pts.

If you don’t already have a copy of Forza Horizon 5, it’s playable on Xbox One, Xbox X|S, or PC through the Xbox Store. The Hot Wheels expansion also costs real money.

If there’s anything we can change to make it easier for you, say so. We were as habitual as socially.


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