Google Classroom Tip # 15: Behavior Management



Dealing with bad behavior in the classroom can be frustrating. This can prevent teachers from teaching and students from learning. So what can you do to deal with bad behavior in your classroom? Here are six tips for using Google Classroom for behavior management.

  1. Behavior contracts Use Google Docs to create behavior contracts for students that can be shared and tracked through Classroom.
  2. Behavioral intervention lessons Use a classroom for behavioral intervention lessons that can be shared with all teachers to use as needed by students.
  3. Behavioral intervention plan tracking forms Create behavioral intervention plan tracking forms using Google Forms. The data can be uploaded to a spreadsheet for analysis and plan review.
  4. Classroom behavior monitoring Track student behavior through Google Forms or Sheets. Use a new tab for each student and color-coded tabs for students who need behavioral interventions.
  5. Fulfilled by Amazon team Create a functional behavior assessment class for students with behavioral problems. Post announcements, manage the Fulfillment by Amazon process, create documents, and allow other members to edit them, upload comments, and more.
  6. Student observations Create a Google Form to use in student observations for functional behavior assessments.

Can you think of any other ways teachers can use Google Classroom to deal with bad behavior in their classroom? If so, list them below.

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