Horror Games’ Most Iconic Tomboys, Ranked


Women in horror are commonplace. From protagonists to villains to tropes such as the final girl, this is a genre that often features a significant amount of female representation and horror games are no exception to this rule.

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It’s also quite common for many women in these horror games to be tomboys. This means that there is a distinct interest in presenting oneself in a masculine way or taking an interest in traditionally masculine activities. Additionally, they frequently use these interests as part of their efforts to survive the horrors they face. Here’s a celebration of the horror genre’s most iconic tomboys.

ten Rui Kagamiya (Fatal Frame: Black Water Maiden)

No horror series is as feminine as fatal frame series. Each game’s main protagonist is a teenage girl or young woman, while much of the series relies heavily on the Japanese horror trope of the stringy-haired ghost girl for its villains. However, only one of these cast members could realistically be considered a tomboy, Rui Kagamiya from the fifth entry in the series: Damsel of Black Water.

Dressed in masculine clothes and sporting a short haircut, Rui is even seen as a man with a particularly talkative spirit during the game’s story, which sets her apart from the rest of the cast. However, this gender ambiguity isn’t explored much beyond that, which feels like a missed opportunity.

9 Ellie Langford (Dead Space 2)

Few people managed to survive the horrors of the necromorph epidemic on The Sprawl in Dead space 2, but Ellie Langford’s first appearance made it clear that she intended to make it out alive. His tomboy status comes from his profession, a Class 4 heavy equipment pilot.

A thorough knowledge of the traditionally male pursuits of mechanics and engineering is key to her survival, as she uses the same modified tools as protagonist Isaac Clarke as her weapons. She even refuses to be evacuated as a helpless damsel and returns to get Isaac out of the site late in the game. It’s a shame she doesn’t share the limelight with him as a playable character.

8 Alexandra Roivas (Eternal Darkness: Requiem of Reason)

In a game with no fewer than twelve playable characters, it’s Alexandra Roivas who ties them all together like eternal darkness‘ main protagonist. Alex’s interests lie in research and complex math, and it’s this fixation on male-dominated STEM subjects that not only qualifies her for this list, but also drives her to save the world.


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She manages to remain calm in the face of mind-boggling cosmic horror, delving into the game’s skin-bound Tome of Darkness with curiosity and eagerness to seek solutions to the terrors within. She even wields an ancient Roman sword effectively, adding strength to her brain.

seven Regina (Dino Crisis)

In a team full of men, she’s the only female member of dinosaur crisis‘SORT Squad that everyone turns to for knowledge of weapons and combat. The playable character Regina is the team’s weapons specialist and is highly respected for this role.

She fits right in with the guys too, joking with them on their level even in tense situations. She also takes initiative as their operation on Ibis Island deteriorates. Essentially the exact woman you need when you’re trapped on an island full of dinosaurs.

6 Aya Brea (Parasite Vigil)

Aya Brea launches the horror RPG parasitic eve in a feminine evening dress, but it is clear that she is incredibly uncomfortable. Her NYPD partner even considers her dressing for the opera to be somewhat out of place. Considering she spends the rest of the game and its sequel dressed in some form of denim, it’s clear what she feels comfortable in.

Beyond the clothes, she’s also a trained cop with a knowledge of firearms, which comes in handy when an entire opera audience explodes in front of her. Even her date can’t stop her from taking charge of a situation. An excellent protagonist for a very underrated game.

5 Ashley (until dawn)

A lot of Until dawnThe cast of are stereotypes pulled straight from the book of slasher movie tropes. Mike is the jock, Emily is the mean girl, Chris is the nerd, etc. By this logic, it’s easy to identify Ashley’s stereotype: the tomboy.

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Along with her boyish beanie, she also possesses a nerdy side which seems to make her more comfortable around the boys in the group, especially Chris, her crush. Although this sometimes causes trouble as supernatural terrors arise, and her unbridled imagination tends to leave her prone to panic at times.

4 Amanda Ripley (Alien: Isolation)

It’s no surprise that the daughter of one of cinema’s most beloved tomboyish protagonists bears some of these traits herself. Amanda is the daughter of ExtraterrestrialEllen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and her appearance in Alien: Isolation sees her trying to figure out what happened to her on the Nostromo.

His tomboy credentials are immediately clear; it is introduced by working on an engine. This mechanical knowledge is useful during gameplay as she grafts equipment to evade the relentless xenomorph that stalks her throughout the game.

3 Ellie (The Last of Us)

From her dress sense to her love of comic books, Ellie is undoubtedly the definition of a tomboy. She’s brash, crude, and rambling, even more so than the standards of the post-apocalyptic fungal zombie-infected world seen in The last of us.

This brashness is key to her strength, but it’s also a major factor in her downward spiral in Game 2, as her stubbornness and aggression lead her on a mission of revenge that does more harm than good. Despite this, however, the excitement over the upcoming remake shows that fans still love Ellie for her love of puns and the relationships she builds with those around her.

2 Heather (Silent Hill 3)

As Heather exhibits more typically female behaviors, players are introduced to her at the start of silent hill 3 at the mall where she went shopping. There’s no denying that she’s a tomboy at heart. From her messy short hair, her apparent lack of interest in makeup, and a fashion sense that’s more about comfort than anything else, Heather certainly looks the part at least.

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His demeanor is also brash and aggressive, as seen when he first confronts Douglas and Claudia. She has no interest in playing sweet and nice, and that’s key to her survival as a Silent Hill’s influence takes over.

1 Claire Redfield (Resident Evil series)

resident Evil is one of the most iconic horror franchises out there, and it’s no surprise that it also boasts one of Claire Redfield’s most iconic tomboys. Why Claire and not Jill? Claire fits the bill better, thanks to her interest in motorcycles being a major part of her personality. She arrives in Raccoon City on a bicycle, and most of her appearances see her in some form of biker gear.

Beyond that, she grew up with a close relationship with her brother Chris, and that rough and ready upbringing made her focused and capable when facing a city full of zombies, even rivaling the trained cops that make up much of it. from the rest of the show’s cast.

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