Icarus Behavioral Health Improves Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment Services in New Mexico


Albuquerque, New Mexico –

Icarus Behavioral Health, an alcohol and drug rehab in Albuquerque, NM, is pleased to report that their effectiveness in providing a full range of treatment services in New Mexico for addiction and mental health issues has been firmly established and allows them to be recognized as one of the best rehabilitation centers in the state of New Mexico. Icarus Behavioral Health has an intake team that can assess a particular individual’s treatment needs and come up with a number of primary treatment goals and a treatment plan to help patients on their journey to recovery. healing.

A spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health said: “If you or a loved one are struggling, contact our admissions department today to develop a treatment plan and begin the road to recovery. There is a wide range of treatment modalities ranging from medication-assisted treatment, 12-step programs, behavior modification, and other therapeutic treatment modalities. We offer many different modalities, however, therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy appear to have the highest success rates according to numerous studies published on the National Library of Medicine website.

They offer a continuum of care, which means that patients enter treatment at a particular level suited to their needs, then move up to a more intense level or descend to a less intense level, as needed. Typically, a person will move into a higher level of care, such as inpatient treatment, and then, when ready, move down to outpatient treatment before finally being discharged from treatment services.

At Icarus Behavioral Health, they offer many types of therapies. And they would like to highlight the skills of their staff in providing the best possible EMDR therapy that Albuquerque residents can find in their area, including Santa Fe. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and he was originally intended for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Later, it was discovered that EMDR could be effective in drawing patients away from any adverse events in their past. Symptoms of these adverse events typically manifest as anxiety, depression, and several other mood disorders.

Often, trauma and addiction to a substance or chemicals are closely linked, which means that EMDR therapy can be effective for people struggling with addiction. The process has now been simplified into an 8-phase EMDR therapy treatment: anamnesis; preparation; Evaluation; desensitization; facility; body analysis; closing; and reassessment. Numerous studies have shown that EMDR therapy works and is evidence-based.

EMDR therapy works because trauma is stored in somatic memory and results in alterations in the biological response to stress. Somatic memories are stored in the hippocampus. This means that each time a person recalls those memories, it is like reliving the event. So the stress hormones are released and the person has the same response as when the event first happened. Only after placing some figurative “distance” between the event and the patient can the individual begin to overcome the debilitating symptoms evoked by that particular memory and begin to live a life that is unimpeded. by the effects of trauma.

Icarus Behavioral Health is on a mission to become the addiction treatment provider of choice for residents of the State of New Mexico. And indeed, they have been able to achieve this status as a leader in behavioral healthcare by providing the best personalized, evidence-based treatment for a wide variety of addiction and mental health issues. They also aim to leverage the inherent advantages of their location in the beautiful landscape of New Mexico and the Southwestern United States to enhance and augment their clients’ journey of recovery. Because of their in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of their community, in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, including throughout the Southwest, they are also a vital resource for maternal mental wellness or mother mental health.

When looking for one of the best rehabilitation centers in New Mexico, people can visit the Icarus Behavioral Health website or contact them by phone any time of the day or night.


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