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The USC ABA internship consists of the highest quality work experience in real-world ABA service delivery settings. Internship sites have been handpicked and carefully assessed for inclusion in our program. Each agency offers a unique experience for students, and the group of agencies represents a wide variety of applied behavior analysis work experience. Students learn principles and procedures in 100% on-campus courses taught by doctoral-level faculty and put what they learn into practice in their internships, including a cutting-edge scientist-practitioner training model. Each internship site is briefly described below, in alphabetical order, and we encourage you to browse their websites for more information on each.

Autistic Behavior Intervention

At Autism Behavior Intervention (ABI), we provide state-of-the-art therapy programs for children across the autism spectrum to help each child learn to communicate, play and interact socially with adults and peers. ABI’s mission is to provide quality, scientifically proven ABA therapy that meets the unique needs of each child. We believe that by committing to comprehensive and ongoing staff training and development, we can maximize the potential of every child. Please visit our website at for more information regarding our practice. For more information click here.

Center for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis

The Center for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (CABA) is a training academy that believes that for professionals to provide high quality behavioral intervention, they must be well trained. Training should not be considered accomplished simply based on the length of attendance. What matters most is how proficient a professional has become in an area and how proficiently they can implement the procedures in real-life situations. By combining intensive didactic training and extensive supervised practical experience, we believe professionals can implement a wide variety of procedures based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( TSA) with the highest quality.

As such, CABA offers a two-year paid internship opportunity for professionals wishing to be trained in progressive ABA as it relates to those diagnosed with ASD. The internship is specifically tailored to the needs of each intern. In general, trainees will have the opportunity to develop a myriad of skills including: implementation of progressive ABA, supervision, research experience, diagnostic process experience, support experience parents and the experience of school consultations. Interns can expect to receive ongoing supervision and support during the two-year internship. The objective being that at least 15% of their total hours are supervised by qualified professionals. For more information, please contact Dr. Justin Leaf at [email protected] or visit us here.

Center for Applied Behavior Analysis

At the Center for Applied Behavior Analysis (CABA), we rely on a foundation of evidence-based practice and are committed to providing personalized care for an improved quality of life for the people we serve; regardless of age, history or diagnosis. We offer six distinct service lines, including individualized home and school support, specialized therapy services (for people with very challenging behaviors), group social skills, adult-friendly day services (c i.e. a community day program) and two Behavioral Support Homes (one for children/adolescents and one for young adults). CABA team members receive training and support to become a Certified Behavior Technician (RBT®) and/or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®). For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or visit us here.

Creative Behavior Consultants Inc. (CBC)

Gain internship experience by working with Creative Behavioral Consultants, Inc. (CBC) clinical staff of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) in clients’ homes, classrooms, and in the community. We work with clients of all ages, who have developmental disabilities, using evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Skills deficits and problematic behaviors occur in different environments, therefore personalized programs and tailored intervention strategies are required to meet the individual needs of each client. With a focus on generalizing and maintaining skills in all settings, there are no cookie-cutter approaches to interventions at CBC. Our BCBAs provide ongoing supervision to BCBA interns whose ABA skills are constantly evolving. CBC provides best practices in the field to help clients and families, and BCBA interns achieve their goals. Part of the ABA services we provide involves communicating, collaborating and consulting with other professionals on the treatment team. In addition, CBC encourages and supports evaluations of experimental programs. Frequent ongoing training in various areas such as language assessment and processing, functional analysis, caregiver training, and trainee training (i.e. how to handle common parental resistance) are just some of the tools you can add to your ABA toolbox. If you are looking for a comprehensive hands-on ABA training program in an environment where you can feel challenged to reach your full potential, then CBC is the internship for you. For more information, please contact Dr. Matinata at [email protected] or click here.

First steps for children

FirstSteps for Kids, Inc. specializes in improving the lives of children with autism, ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome and related disorders. Using state-of-the-art empirically validated ABA treatment, our highly trained therapy teams work to correct social, communicative, adaptive skills, and academic functioning while simultaneously reducing and slowing maladaptive behaviors. At FirstSteps, we employ only the most qualified and caring instructors to implement each child’s treatment. We emphasize accurate and ongoing assessment to create individualized and comprehensive treatment plans, and equip parents with the specific skills essential to support their child’s learning. Together, with caring parents and families, we are committed to making every child’s first steps the right steps toward a brighter future. For more information visit us here.

Halo Behavioral Health

Halo Behavioral Health uses scientifically proven principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to provide individualized, evidence-based behavioral services to diverse clinical and problem populations. Our scope ranges from a specialization in working with people with developmental disabilities (including Autism Spectrum Disorders), various other psychological disorders, as well as typically developing people without any diagnosis. Through our tailored behavioral intervention plans, corresponding skills training courses, caregiver/school staff training programs and cross-collaborations, our main goal is to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. We take the approach that the simplest solutions present the most effective strategies for enabling parents and other providers not only to survive the clinical challenges presented, but also to thrive by overcoming them.

Halo Behavioral Health‘s mission is to be the world’s most respected agency for providing exceptional, unparalleled services delivered with the perfect combination of passion, purpose and skill. We strive for absolute excellence by being a boutique agency with a BIG focus on superior quality personalized care. Halo Behavioral Health is a training institute that believes that the ultimate quality of services is cultivated from the top down. As such, we hand-select distinguished employees of the highest caliber who undergo extensive and ongoing performance-based training that combines intensive didactic instruction, precise modelling, practice through role-playing and live supervision. vivo in depth to teach the specific skills essential to support the needs of our customers. Halo Behavioral Health is also a leading research institute dedicated to the innovation, thoughtful initiation, and rigorous evaluation of new interventions that promise to transform the lives of others for the better. We are deeply committed to leading the way to a brighter future by facilitating meaningful change in the lives of the families we serve and view our work as our greatest honor and privilege. For more information, contact [email protected]

Center for Learning and Behavior

The Center for Learning and Behavior, LLC. is dedicated to providing applied analytical treatment to children from 18 months to 18 years of age. We are among the most experienced organizations effectively treating children with a lack or deficit in their attention span, language and social skills. Additionally, we treat excessive behaviors such as crying, tantrums, aggression, agitation and other behaviors associated with disabilities including but not limited to Autism (ASD) , ADD, ADHD and Down syndrome. For more information visit us here.

Shabani Institute

the Chabani The Institute aims to provide the highest quality, empirically supported behavior analysis services to people with serious behavioral problems. We are committed to providing effective, empirically validated and individualized behavioral services to individuals, their families and the communities in which they live. Through the use of behavior-based assessment and intervention strategies, Chabani The Institute promotes and improves the quality of life of all its learners, regardless of age or diagnosis. We focus on the severity of the problem behavior, across the lifespan, and help develop short- and long-term treatment plans to reduce maladaptive behaviors, while promoting the acquisition of various functional skills. Treatment is developed and tailored based on the current needs of the client and family, and can be delivered in a variety of forms, including consultation with indirect consumers, day treatment services, school-based support, intervention Intensive early, group skill development and other unique models as needed. For more information, email us at [email protected]


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