LDL’s Team Orange and TWELVE matches are postponed


Two teams in China’s development league, LDL, have had their matches suspended due to suspicious behavior.

LDL has yet another problem with match-fixing or pitching issues among their teams. LDL has an infamous history with accusations of match-fixing, the biggest and most recent dating back to last spring which began when former FPX player Zhou ‘Bo’ Yang-Bo became aware of the activities in the lower league. As a result, Bo was suspended from the LPL, and the entire LDL was suspended on March 16 as they opened an investigation, and over 30 players were suspended temporarily and in some cases for life.

Now the league is facing another scandal as there was an incident in one of their last games, Team Orange vs. TWELVE on July 10. The match, in which TWELVE was nearly 15k gold, Dragon Soul and Baron in the 25th minute but still lost, can still be watched on the Chinese site bilibili.

After the officials noticed abnormal team behavior during the match, they decided to step in and investigate the matter further. To allow for this, future games for both teams will be suspended until the investigation is complete. However, this will only affect the aforementioned teams and the rest of the planned LPL will move forward in the same way.

Translated text (from u/Cahootie on Reddit)

Dear Summoners:

The League of Legends Professional Competitive Discipline Management Team discovered possible anomalies after TEAM ORANGE played against TWELVE in the LDL on July 10, and immediately set up a special team to investigate the situation. relevant. In order to ensure fair competition, the league has decided that all TEAM ORANGE and TWELVE matches will be postponed in the future, and specific adjustments to the schedule will be announced once the investigation is complete. The rest of the LDL matches will continue as normal, thank you Summoners for your understanding.

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