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A civil lawsuit against a behavioral health clinic in Louisville claims that a staff member had an inappropriate relationship with one of the admitted patients and touched him.

The man, who was 16 (and therefore not named by the Daily Times) when the events occurred, is suing Village Behavioral Health Treatment Center, a health care facility in Acadia.

In 2018, the village was in dire straits after three teenagers fled the facility at 2431 Jones Bend Road and were charged with vehicle theft and aggravated assault, according to the Daily Times reports.

He added that Acadia officials have indicated they will be moving to a new location over the next two years due to complaints from neighbors.

However, they have not yet moved and have now faced a civil action regarding inappropriate sexual behavior by a staff member towards a patient.

The accused staff member is Katrina Winstead. The village was not available at press time on Tuesday to comment on Winstead’s employment.

According to the trial, the 16-year-old patient was admitted to the Village on May 30, 2019, for behavior problems centered on severe ADHD.

He was sent home in July of the same year because his behavior problems escalated.

The lawsuit claims that, “During Winstead’s predatory behavior, the behavior (of the 16-year-old) worsened,” adding that it was brought on by “the sexual abuse and emotional manipulation he suffered “.

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation in 2019 for criminal charges; however, none were found to be justified.

BCSO public information officer Marian O’Briant said after consulting with the district attorney’s office that the results of the complaint and investigation did not call for criminal charges.

The civil suit summarizes its supporting “statement of facts” concerning the events of 2019 at the Village.

The 16-year-old was given a cabin once he arrived, and Winstead was one of his advisers.

“Almost immediately, Ms. Winstead showed an interest in (him) – an interest that was inappropriate and damaging,” the lawsuit says.

He added that she had flirted, complimented his eyes and body, and shared “intimate and personal” details about her life, including graphic details about herself and her husband’s sex life.

At some point during the 16-year-old’s stay at the facility, Winstead began working on the third shift, which she said was an effort to spend more time with him.

The lawsuit says she would wake him from his cabin and take him to an empty cabin or into the woods to “be alone” with him.

He claims she kissed him, touched him – put her hands in his pants – and told him that she was in love with him. And added that she said she would leave her husband for him.

Other campers and staff questioned him about his relationship with Winstead, but no action or investigation was taken by the village, the lawsuit says.

He left in July, but Winstead would have kept in touch with him via text, according to the lawsuit.

“The overtly sexual texts to (the 16-year-old) confirm the relationship Ms. Winstead started with (him) while he was residing in the Village,” the lawsuit says.

Since the treatment center is accused of being negligent in preventing his psychological abuse, he asks them to compensate for past and future medical expenses.

He is also asking a jury to decide on a fine not to exceed $ 2 million plus all costs and expenses to which he is entitled.


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