March 20 is World Behavioral Analytics Day | Features


LAFAYETTE, La. — Touchstone ABA’s Jayven Encarnacion joined News15 Today to discuss World Behavior Analysis Day which is celebrated on March 20 each year.

About Behavioral Analysis

Behavior analysis is a scientific discipline whose object is individual behavior in interaction with environmental events. It has theoretical, experimental and applied branches; distinct research methods, scientific journals, textbooks, scholarly and professional organizations, and academic training programs; and standards and credentials for professional and paraprofessional practitioners.

The applied branch of the discipline (applied behavior analysis; ABA) involves using scientific principles and procedures discovered through basic and applied research to significantly improve socially meaningful behaviors. Thousands of studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals have demonstrated the effectiveness of numerous ABA procedures – alone and in various combinations – in building skills and reducing problem behaviors in many clinical and non-clinical populations across a wide range of contexts.

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