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TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 7, 2022–

MedOrion, a company that guides health plan members toward better health decisions, announces the first AI-based health behavior management (HBM) platform that health plans can use to understand concerns and motivations of their members and integrate them into all aspects of their business. The SaaS AI platform breaks down the real-world complexity of health data, people’s behavior and healthcare environmental changes into positive, personally relevant and persuasive communications, while supporting better analytics, long-term strategic planning, financial and health outcomes.

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MedOrion announces the first health behavior management software for US-based health plans (Photo: MedOrion)

To improve outcomes, health plans invest significant resources in managing member health. Along with inflated operational costs, suboptimal health behavior dramatically increases the risk of poor health outcomes among members. Today’s technological innovations, in addition to better access to health information and services, mean that the factors underlying people’s health decisions are more complex than ever. Existing engagement solutions have limitations in identifying the concerns of individuals at scale. Additionally, their strategies focus solely on communications and therefore can often become abrasive and detrimental to the member experience.

MedOrion’s Health Behavior Management (HBM) solution enables health plans to move from outsourced member engagement services to an end-to-end self-service software solution that focuses on real behavior change at term, thus printing a new category in this healthcare sector. segment. This gives health plans ownership of the process, governance of priorities, and full visibility into the member experience at all times, so they can quickly change direction when needed to ensure positive health transformation. and member relationships.

The system analyzes each member’s claims, clinical and demographic information, combining social determinants of health (SDoH) to create insight into member concerns about a variety of metrics, including medications, vaccines and screening cancer. Behavioral science is then leveraged with AI to identify the most relevant barriers to action. Once identified, HBM automatically generates a persuasive communication strategy deemed most appropriate for each individual member.

Over time, as more limb data and response patterns are digested by HBM monitoring tools, information about limb-level health behaviors accumulates and becomes more accurate. Cutting-edge strategies and offers can then be more optimally formulated based on member trends. This allows health plans to develop stronger relationships with members, become more helpful in real time, and adapt to an ever-changing healthcare environment. Adherence to recommended action plans improves significantly as trust and commitment to members improves. Health plans subsequently operate more efficiently, increasing their overall revenue and achieving higher quality performance among other health plans.

By enabling health plans to create an end-to-end, non-abrasive member experience from day one, health behavior management offers providers a 20% increase in annual revenue. The lower marginal costs associated with member engagement are also 30% lower than existing solutions. The platform’s ability to help organizations achieve better health outcomes has already been recognized after winning Pfizer’s Vaccines Global Innovation Challenge, which was launched to find innovative approaches that address both the patient education and access to vaccination.

“With so many uncharted pathways affecting individual decisions, our health behavior management platform taps into a whole new market by helping health plans adapt to real-world psychological factors that influence health-related actions” , says Asaf Kleinbort, CEO and co-founder of MedOrion. “HBM takes a holistic approach by addressing health plan priorities alongside individual health issues, across multiple goals and at scale, while supporting long-term improvements and strategy, which means that health plans can truly support and monitor the health of their members’ sustainable behavior and experience.

“Working with MedOrion’s software for the fourth year now has really shown us the depth and breadth of an end-to-end management tool in our day-to-day work. This has had a significant impact on our medication adherence, member enrollment and retention outcomes,” says Andrea Wallace, Innovation Portfolio Manager at ADVANTASURE. “And as the system continues to deepen its understanding of our members’ health behavior and convert it into actionable insights, it delivers exceptional long-term value.”

About MedOrion

Founded in 2017, MedOrion created a new category in the health technology segment called Health Behavior Management (HBM). HBM offers healthcare organizations the ability to take ownership of the complex real-world healthcare environment in an efficient and scalable way through behavioral science and AI. MedOrion models and measures member health behavior, provides individual-level behavioral insights, creates a governable member experience, and streamlines processes that positively influence health behavior with any member interaction. This translates into improved health and well-being for millions of members. For more information visit

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