NEDHSA and Prime Time Head Start Collaborate to Provide Behavioral Health Services to Over 500 Children Ages 3-4 | News


MONROE, The., January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NEDHSA) and Prime Time Head Start have agreed to coordinate behavioral health services, parenting and family engagement classes and presentations, and mutual sharing of events from program for customers and staff. This agreement allows NEDHSA to access more than 500 3 and 4 year old children and their families through a full day service during the school year in four centers located in communities in need.

NEDHSA Executive Director Dr. Monteic A. Sizer said the agreement helps expand the agency’s initiatives for children and adults that “will ultimately improve individuals, families, institutions and the communities”.

“We are creating ecosystems to help reduce and prevent the early onset of mental illness, addiction, violence, suicide, teenage pregnancy, school expulsion, for n to name a few.” said Dr. Sizer. “We do this because we know these things are strongly correlated with adult and generational poverty, mental illness, primary health care issues, homelessness, high unemployment and premature death.”

Prime Time is focused on positive outcomes for children and families to close the achievement gap and build a brighter future for Ouachita Parish children and families. Since 2016, Prime Time has managed the Head Start program in Ouachita Parish. Its approach emphasizes data-driven decision-making at all levels and has a proven approach to early childhood education that includes comprehensive teacher training, coaching, assessment, family engagement and community partnerships. Additionally, Prime Time incorporates research-based teaching and learning strategies.

Louisiana Endowment Division for the Humanities (LEH) Vice President of Head Start Services Stalin’s Butcher said, “In addition to teaching our students skills that will help them transition into kindergarten and beyond, Prime Time Head Start offers comprehensive services that benefit the whole family.”

“Our partnership with the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority will allow us to provide important mental health and other services that will help strengthen the families of children in our program,” Butcher said.

One of NEDHSA’s missions is to make behavioral and primary health care accessible to the 12-parish area by offsetting the unique challenges of the people it serves. Using evidence-based practices, NEDHSA has developed its Integrated Care Model, an innovative approach to bridging the gap between the needs of its clients by offering a holistic approach to treatment. NEDHSA integrated care addresses behavioral health, primary health and social determinants of health.

NEDHSA’s Early Childhood and Adolescence Prevention Program serves over 1,200 children with Al’s Pals-Kids Making Healthy Choices, which equates to 55 classrooms serving At Ouachita’s Monroe City Schools, Madison, jackson, Bienville, East Carroll, and earth-rich parishes. The program includes 20 Pinebelt and Delta Community Action Head Starts in the 12 parish area. NEDHSA serves 300 adolescents in Madison Parish through its Suicide Sign Prevention Program. The NEDHSA Student Ambassador program has nearly 70 students across Neville High School, Franklin High, and Madison Parish High School as part of its secondary prevention services.

NEDHSA leads and manages community-based programs aimed at improving the quality of life for people with major mental illnesses, addictive disorders and developmental disabilities by providing integrated primary health and behavioral health services and a Phoenix clinic for people with mental illness. intellectual disability and a mental health disorder. .

In addition, NEDHSA runs prevention and wellness services aimed at curbing and reducing the incidence of drug and alcohol abuse among youth through coalition building and community mobilization; build resilience through social-emotional and parenting programs for early childhood settings; identify youth at risk through suicide screening and education; increase knowledge and change negative attitudes and behaviors through evidence-based school and community prevention programs and activities; providing bereavement counseling services to families and individuals who have suffered loss due to addiction; provide opioid prevention and education services through harm reduction methods such as distributing Narcan and other safe disposal alternatives; and, working with community partners and stakeholders who are committed to transforming our regions.

Dr Sizer said NEDHSA’s early childhood and adolescent programs are in place to reduce the risk of “negative social determinants and adverse health outcomes from children into adulthood”.

“These programs can help reduce trauma, increase literacy, build resilience, reduce school absenteeism, increase prosocial behaviors and ultimately graduation rates,” said Dr. Sizer. “And more, create more productive citizens who can work, pay taxes, raise families, and nurture meaningful relationships with their neighbors.”

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