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Wif you are facing life transitions, relationship problems or bereavement, or if you suffer from depression, anxiety or a substance use disorder, Mason Health More and more behavioral health providers will work with you to help find effective treatment. Behavioral health providers work in tandem with primary care providers to realize the district’s vision of providing the best patient-centered care in the Pacific Northwest. This fall, Mason Health welcomed two new behavioral health care providers, while another provider fulfilled additional requirements to work more in-depth in the field. A new peer navigator will also join the Behavioral Health team, which is now overseen by Dr Amber Carlson, DSW, LICSW, Director of Behavioral Health Services.

Christy Ross. Photo courtesy of Mason Health

Christy Ross, a licensed independent clinical social worker, joined Mason Health in October 2021. Ross began working as a trainee therapist at a local community mental health agency in 2010 and graduated in 2011 from the University of Washington- Tacoma, where she also later obtained her Masters of Social Work in 2013. Ross obtained her Freelance Clinical Social Worker license in April 2018.

Ross has worked in a local hospital system as a case manager on medical-surgical floors, intensive care units, and most recently as a complex case manager helping people with chronic biopsychosocial issues. She believes that “meeting people where they are” begins the therapeutic relationship in a holistic, non-judgmental approach. She provides education on coping mechanisms and distress intolerance skills from a framework used in dialectical behavior therapy.

Ross enjoys spending time with his family traveling, camping, hiking, kayaking, motorcycling and walking his dog. She is passionate about exercise and believes in a healthy mind and body.

Mason Health Martha Svoboda
Martha Svoboda. Photo courtesy of Mason Health

New provider Martha Svoboda, a Certified Mental Health Counselor, started at Mason Health in September 2021. Svoboda has experience providing mental health services to adults and adolescents in the forensic and legal fields. rural community health.

Svoboda uses a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) approach to work with people facing life transitions, relationship issues, mood disorders, disturbances in personality, depression, anxiety and those struggling with stress at work / school.

She has experience in treating people with concurrent disorders and recently obtained her postgraduate certification in Substance Use Disorders as she is passionate about holistic care.

Svoboda was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Mason Health Susan Poznyansky
Susan Poznyansky. Photo courtesy of Mason Health

Susan Poznyansky joined Mason Health in July 2019 as a medical and psychiatric social worker. In the fall of 2021, she qualified to become a licensed independent clinical social worker.

Poznyansky received his master’s degree from Columbia University School of Social Work in New York. She uses a strengths-based, trauma-informed perspective to deliver evidence-based, client-centered therapy and case management.

Poznyansky began her career as the founder and director of an early childhood program in Portland, Ore., Focused on socio-emotional learning. She then realized her passion for social work in Seattle by working with mothers recovering from substance use disorders.

After graduating from graduate school, Poznyansky worked as a clinical counselor in a residential addiction recovery program in Manhattan, then as a psychotherapist in a Brooklyn community mental health clinic serving individuals and their families to manage issues. serious mental health diagnoses, suicide risk, life stage transitions, bereavement and other life stressors.

Poznyansky enjoys swimming, fishing, hiking, kayaking, Tai Chi, foraging, and gardening. She also loves Marvel movies.

In November, the Behavioral Health team will also welcome a new peer navigator, Katariena Tulk. Tulk will help clients with active addictions and those recovering, working closely with Mason County Public Health to connect patients with resources and treatment.

Svoboda, Ross and Poznyansky join other esteemed providers of behavioral health at Mason Health – Nicole Giron, licensed mental health counselor, who works with pediatric patients; Erin Martinache, a licensed independent clinical social worker who also provides services to Hoodsport patients; and board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners Katie Aldrich, Vanessa Cray and Kirsten Garza, as well as Jess Calohan, who works remotely.

All providers also offer telehealth services. To be seen by a behavioral health provider, make an appointment with a primary care provider, who will then refer you to a behavioral health provider. Appointments can be made at the Mason clinic at 360.426.2653.

Mason Health, Mason County No. 1 Public Hospital District, is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and is a licensed and accredited acute care hospital with a Level Four Emergency Trauma designation. The staff has more than 100 physicians in 19 specialties. For more information or to find a health care provider, visit Mason’s Health website.

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