Police investigate fights at Deep Run High School basketball games


HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) — Police in Henrico are investigating fights that broke out after basketball games at Deep Run High School.

Several parents say the fights have happened several times over the past two weeks.

Henrico police said they need anyone with information about the fights to contact them. Meanwhile, a relative of Henrico fears that these fights may even happen in the first place.

“If students aren’t held accountable, if they aren’t a deterrent to future bad behavior, people could really get hurt or even escalate from there,” she said.

This mom, who wanted to remain anonymous for her son’s safety, witnessed the tension at Deep Run High School on Friday, January 28.

Mills E. Godwin High School Men’s Basketball played an away game against rival (Deep Run), and although Deep Run won the game, there was still an incident after the buzzer sounded.

“The student section of Deep Run rushed out of court and went straight to our student section and looked like they were going to fight,” the parent said.

The mother said she saw the Godwin administrators, who were attending the away game, intervene, creating a barrier between their students and the Deep Run crowd.

“I understand there had to be a police escort to the locker room for the Godwin basketball team for the concern over the student section of Deep Run,” she added.

While it’s not known if any students were disciplined, another parent posted on the Nextdoor app in the Short Pump area of ​​another fight that happened on Friday, February 4, when Glen Allen High School played at DeepRun.

The message said that a fight “put a child in the emergency room with a broken nose”. Henrico police did not confirm this detail, citing the ongoing investigation.

“My concern is that this develops as a pattern because the same thing happened with a different school, same location, seven days later,” the parent said.

This parent also worries about what might happen if students choose not to use their fists.

“Fighting is not the solution,” she said. “There must be serious consequences for those who fight and to really listen, more open dialogue to have a safer environment for all of our students.”

Henrico’s police spokesman said the scuffle involving Deep Run and Godwin and Glen Allen was being investigated “after the fact”.

“Anyone with information is encouraged to call police and/or report at the time of the incident,” Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Matt Pecka said.

Messages to public schools in Henrico County regarding these incidents have been acknowledged. A spokeswoman said she was working to get information.

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