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SEATTLE, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bloomz, recipient of the Supes Choice Award, announced a new component to its already robust platform. Now, behavior management features are available for schools directly in Bloomz. A positive behavior management system, SIPB, helps teachers better track, analyze and reward student behavior. Rather than using multiple tools or methods, all of this is possible within an accessible platform that connects school to home. The goal of PBIS is to help all students succeed, and Bloomz provides the right tools for teachers with its PBIS feed.

Click here to watch the Bloomz PBIS explainer video.

Powerful PBIS/SEL/MTSS Features

Bloomz recently unveiled powerful PBIS tools that make it even easier to view and track behaviors. With PBIS management, teachers can easily record behaviors in the classroom and anywhere in the school with behavior tracking. Bloomz allows teachers to customize the interactions they want to track, set goals, milestones, and track student progress against them. Students can even be placed in teams, which helps develop essential SEL skills in addition to focusing on PBIS.

Bloomz has modes for early learning, elementary, middle school, and can be used outside of the classroom, making it a more robust way to work with behavior management.

Bloomz involves the whole school community. Admins can allow teachers to capture behavior data from any student in the school and customize where an interaction has been observed. Understanding behaviors and behavior trends is easier in the Bloomz dashboard for admins. Behavioral data can be sorted by classes, staff, students, interactions, and locations. Having this system in place, all within a comprehensive platform, makes it easier, more efficient and more effective to provide the right support to all students.

About Bloomz

Bloomz is a school-to-home unified communication platform that connects districts, schools, and classrooms with parents and students in a secure, social, and private environment. Parents feel more connected than ever to their children’s education using a comprehensive platform. With Bloomz, administrators and educators can foster a strong home-school community that fosters family engagement. Learn more today at Bloomz.com.

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