Ready or Not Early Access Surpasses Steam’s Top Selling Games List



  • “Ready Or Not” is one of the best-selling Steam games in December
  • The game is based on an overwhelmingly positive review score
  • Fans criticized the game’s buggy AI and frustrating endgame hunts

After a long and disturbing development cycle, Void Interactive’s tactical FPS game “Ready Or Not” finally released on Steam as an Early Access title, dominating the rest of the December releases as one of the best-selling games and top rated platform of the month.

“Ready Or Not” entered early access on Saturday and officially opened the floodgates for many fans who were thirsty for a new “SWAT” style FPS. Since its release, the game has received near universal praise from the hardcore FPS community thanks to its gritty atmosphere, satisfying shooter, and unpredictable encounters.

Since its launch, “Ready Or Not” has enjoyed a constant flow of players. SteamCharts averaged 11,058 players, peaking at 14,813, which is impressive for a new Early Access release.

What’s even more impressive is the general reception of the game on Steam and social media. “Ready Or Not” currently has 6,489 user reviews, of which 96% are positive, earning the game an extremely positive review score on Steam.

Many player reviews have highly praised Void Interactive’s dedication to realism. Player movements, suspicious and civilian behavior, weapon handling and more have been embraced wholeheartedly by the player base.

Ready Or Not is a tactical police game with a high degree of realism Photo: Interactive VOID

On the other hand, some users have complained about faulty AI and unintuitive bot controls. On rare occasions, civilians and suspects simply stared into space or engaged in other unusual behaviors. Meanwhile, the AI ​​teammate controls were found to be somewhat difficult to use.

The size of the map in relation to the game’s objectives has also been criticized. Most scenarios tended to end with hide-and-seek games where players were forced to search every room of a large map for a single suspect or other similar objective. This, along with the slowness of the game, would cause frustration for many players.

Regardless, the top-notch execution of “Ready Or Not” has led many die-hard FPS fans to gravitate towards the title, especially as few games in the slow, tactical FPS genre have been released. lately. Fans of old “SWAT” games can find a lot to like in “Ready Or Not”, and the game can only get better from there as the developers continue to provide fixes and updates.


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