Riot wants more jungle games and teams with changes to mechanics and position systems for 2023 pre-season


Being a jungler can be tough to become in League of Legends. Despite being part of the hardest job for the first time, it was extremely difficult to master this position.

Players need to have many skills and knowledge in the game, so they can be trained very well in the role. In the meantime, Riot Games has outlined key pre-season changes for the 2023 season so newcomers to the jungle can have fun playing in the jungle.

In a vlog developed by new developer, Matthew Phroxzon Leung-Harrison said the team would like to make jungling more intuitive and ease some of the more painful roles so that new players can adapt to new challenges and responsibilities as well.

Riot changes the behavior of junglers who share buffs with each other. A jungler who donates a buff to a teammate does not feel like they lose their gold and bonus stats. The developers are experimenting with different options so the junglers aren’t left dry, with the two neutral mobs leaving behind a boyfriend who has to readjust the jungler with a mini shine.

Riot is also looking to improve the jungle camp patience rules so that players don’t get punished too much. If you have to blame multiple sides for not having enough money, you don’t have to. The team wants to reward those who have the knowledge of optimal clears and always keep unique clear paths for specific champions like Kayns Raptor start, Shacos trap clear, and more.

More improvements will be headed to the jungle for next year. But Riot will reveal that when they’re concrete and ready for the playerbase to see, they’re more concrete and ready.


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