Saline temporarily requiring a parental escort to sports games


Students who attend sporting events at schools in the saline region will not be able to attend any game without a parental escort. SAS announced it on December 13, following what it called “misconduct at recent sporting events”.

“Saline students will only be allowed to participate in home and away winter sports competitions if accompanied by a legal guardian,” SAS wrote on Facebook. “This protocol will be in place until Saturday, January 8, 2022. This will give the administration more time to evaluate our protocols to ensure that we gradually return to the student section at future sporting events.”

The rule was put in place after what the district called “disrespectful behavior” by a selected group of students during a recent away basketball game. As a result of this incident, there will be a one-to-one ratio between parents and students in the booth at all of the Lycée Saline games.

“I thought it was a bit reckless for them to automatically go where no student could come without a legal guardian. I don’t think that’s very fair when it comes to a few kids – and it seems they already know who the kids were – so I don’t understand why they can’t just punish those kids. I don’t believe in punishing everyone for the actions of a few, ”parent Sharene Rumohr told the newspaper by telephone on Wednesday. “I am all for sportsmanship. I just don’t agree that this now means that every child cannot attend a game without a legal guardian. ”

Saline’s acting director of communications and athletic director Anna Brintell declined to comment. But Superintendent Steve Laatsch said the new temporary rules are an attempt to “reset” the relationship between saline sports and spectators.

“This gives us time to reset the way we interact with our student section, talk to them about appropriate behavior, and then come back with a stronger version of our student section after January 8th. And to make sure they know we really appreciate our student section. They have done a great job supporting our teams, ”said Laatsch on December 14th. everyone understands the expectations we have of our students when they support our sports teams, which they have done a good job of. Guess I’d say it’s a reset and a break to get organized. “

Image Credit: Scot Graden, Former Superintendent of Saline Solutions.


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