School of Education’s behavior analysis program ranked top 10 in state


The UC Riverside School of Education’s Applied Behavior Analysis program has been ranked #9 in California by an online resource for those pursuing a career in the profession.

The Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis Programs considered student-faculty ratios, tuition, and pass rates on board-certified behavior analysis exams to determine the best programs for those who want to work in special education, social work, counseling, rehabilitation and other related professions, according to the site.

“University of California, Riverside’s high-quality Master of Education in ABA provides students with the high-quality education and hands-on work experience they need for career success,” the rankings state.

UCR students applied behavior analysis program receive intensive instruction and supervised focused fieldwork in the use of principles of behavior to support behavioral health in children and adults. They can graduate in four terms.

The program guide notes a growing demand for board-certified behavior analysts over the past decade, increasing 17% from 2019 to 2020. Demand was highest in California, which accounted for 23% of total demand in 2020.


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