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Company achieves strong performance in new facilities

DALLAS, TEXAS, United States, November 24, 2021 / – Sober Peer today announced that it has brought 162 new installations of its new Behavioral Science Results platform online in 2021. Virtually all of its new behavioral health clients, including providers of drug treatment, have migrated from the traditional electronic health record. platforms to Sober Peer’s Precision Health Strategy.

The company is moving its competition at a rate originally unimaginable, says founder and behavioral designer Ed DeShields. With nearly five decades of behavioral design for some 240 companies, DeShields has been able to capitalize on this expertise to help solve a growing mental health and substance use problem.

In addition to its traditional presence in the United States, the new bookings include customers in Canada, Romania, Australia, Puerto Rico and Grenada. The company intends to continue its penetration in the United States, but has a particular interest on a global scale where it has accumulated advanced, language-specific orders in twelve additional countries, including Central America and South, India, Africa and Eurasia.

Sober Peer’s unique approach to the science of mental health and addiction treatment outcomes is essential to the growth of Sober Peer. Unlike EHR-based models where treatment solutions are largely limited by what is allowed to be billed from formula-centric treatment plans, Sober Peer uses its Very Large Scale Platform (VLSP) to collect data. millions of finely tuned data signals from patients about their daily behavior.

Signals, as Sober Peer describes, are subconscious triggers collected directly from patients – for example, actions like showing up for work on time – that form positive or negative patterns. When these are determined to belong to a pleasure or pain response, Sober Peer’s technological logic translates them into patterns of habits that correlate with substance use or other behavior. This behavior forms a unique descriptive image of the patient that a therapist can easily understand.

So far, Sober Peer has identified a few hundred common patterns among his thousands of active patients. But, many more are yet to be discovered. For example, some cohorts may have a particular combination of factors that show a very low chance of a positive outcome in a program. DeShields says, “Think of an EHR as a thermometer and Sober Peer’s behavioral data equivalent to an MRI. It is an amplitude of difference in fidelity that can predict the likelihood that a patient will succeed or fail with their treatment plan. You are no longer guessing how a patient will react to a particular treatment. You know.”

The company believes this precision processing promises to make EHR models a thing of the past. Consequently, the company does not see the electronic medical record market as a competitor despite the often-made comparison. DeShields adds, “If we continue to be successful, we will naturally make the EHR market obsolete. The current state of technology is simply too inefficient to be sustainable as poor outcomes and high costs of care continue to rise. The fundamental nature of the EHR takes into account episodic care and does little to change the outcome of a patient who requires behavioral health change for a life control problem over time. Precision treatment, Sober Peer style, can allow more patients to receive care at home, in their community, for as long as needed.

Finally, DeShields says, “Therapists aren’t equipped with the right data or the right tools to understand the patient in depth – and the industry understands this secret that isn’t so much talked about. He retains care. But so far there has been no alternative. It is the engine of our success.

About Sober Peer:
Sober Peer is one of the fastest growing behavioral science technology companies serving the mental health and addiction market. Its Very Large Scale Technology Platform (VLSP) measures, predicts and prescribes optimal treatment modalities across all behavioral health treatment workflows. Its next-generation digital platform makes extensive use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve treatment understanding, patient engagement, and outcomes for people with life-defining mental health issues. The company ranks in the top five behavioral health companies for the lowest cost of customer engagement and return on equity invested, making it one of the most effective and efficient solutions in behavioral mental health. It currently ranks twelfth out of the top 30 mental health apps in terms of monthly repeat customers.

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