Students who threw trash can’t attend upcoming games, UT officials say



KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Students identified as participating in littering the field during Saturday’s soccer game at Neyland Stadium will lose the opportunity to attend upcoming games, according to the UT spokesperson, Tisha Benton.

The University of Tennessee Police Department is working to identify students who participated in the chaos that ensued in the last minute of the fourth term.

“If the university is able to identify the students, they will go through the student conduct process and lose the opportunity to attend future games,” Benton said. “Part of an event management review will include the ability to add additional cameras focused on the student section to make it easier to identify students in the future.”

A call involving a first try resulted in fans booing and throwing debris on the pitch towards the end of the game.

Debris dumped on the ground included bottles, cans, vape pens and even an entire bottle of mustard.

UT Chancellor Donde Plowman said she was astonished and disgusted by the behavior showcased on Saturday night.

The Vols, in the end, fell to Ole Miss, 31-26.

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