The most iconic gloves in video games


The most iconic video game characters have specific characteristics that make them memorable. For some, it’s their attitude to situations and the way they treat friends and foes alike. Others may be known for their strength in defeating enemies, either with a weapon or with powers.

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But even the most subtle detail like clothing might be what most players think of when asked about a certain character. A piece of clothing that has been on many iconic video game characters is a pair of gloves. Over the years, gloves have become an important part of the game in multiple ways.

ten Hitmonchan – Pokemon

Although gloves can be a fashion statement, sometimes they are important for the purpose of the character’s behavior or job. hitmonchan is a fighting-type Pokémon that has boxing gloves for its hands. It appeared from the first Pokemon generation and is among the most iconic creatures to have remarkable hand clothes.

This humanoid Pokemon has many moves that revolve around the ability to pound other creatures into the ground, from the first Drain Punch to moves such as Power-Up Punch and Focus Punch. It is also a very defensive Pokemon in that the creature it evolves from must have its Defense stat higher than its Attack stat to evolve into Hitmonchan.

9 Sly Cooper

Being a thief requires wearing clothes that will protect him from any trace of himself, such as gloves. One of the game’s most iconic gentleman thieves, Sly Cooperhas a pair of signature blue and yellow gloves which he wears almost all the time.

One of many mascot platformers on PlayStation 2, Sly Cooper tells the story of the raccoon whose family has a history steeped in theft and works with his friends to take on the bad guys who have wronged Sly personally or are doing bad things around the world.

8 glover

There are characters who wear gloves, but there are also characters who wear gloves. In one of the weirdest platformers of the N64 era, glover features a glove with two fingers for the arms and two fingers for the legs. This adorable piece of clothing is intended to help a civilization called the Crystal Kingdom restore itself fully.

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The gameplay requires players to use Glover to push a ball across a stage. Players can maneuver the ball in any way they see fit to get them to the finish, which includes both rolling and bouncing the ball and more. There are a total of six worlds which include three regular stages and a boss stage.

seven NES Power Glove

The most famous gaming peripheral that involves wearing a glove is the NES Power Glovewhich was manufactured by Mattel and released in the United States in 1989. The glove was long with a device attached to its sleeve that had a button configuration on top that the user could program and a normal configuration for a controller on the down.

While the gauntlet could be used for a handful of normal NES games, there were two games specifically released for the accessory: a puzzle game called super glove ball and a beat’em up called bad street brawler. Unfortunately, other games that were supposed to work specifically for the Power Glove have been discontinued.

6 Master’s Hand – Super Smash Bros.

Speaking of characters that are just hands, Master’s hand is perhaps most iconic for being one of a boss’ first introductions into the Super Smash Bros. series. The character would go on to appear in various Kirby games too and his inspiration may have come from Wham Bam Rock from kirby superstar.

Master Hand, along with his left-handed partner Crazy Hand, has some interesting attack patterns, including slamming fighters or even just trying to sweep them away. There is also a pistol attack that produces bullets that players must dodge. While other bosses of Super Smash Bros. may have overshadowed Master Hand, it will always be considered the original.

5 Joker – Persona 5

While there have been plenty of older characters listed here, one character has become so iconic despite first appearing as recently as 2016. Jokerthe main protagonist of personas 5has a recognizable look with his black and white mask and blood red gloves.

After leaving his hometown after a false accusation ruins his name, Joker comes to Tokyo where he and his new friends wake up one day with the power of Persona. Using the powers given to them, they become the Phantom Thieves of Heart to try to stop people from acting on malevolent thoughts and find a way to defeat these demons.

4 Sora – Kingdom Hearts

He plays alongside one of the most iconic characters in Mickey Mouse gloves, so it only makes sense that sora of Kingdom Hearts would have his own set of memorable hand clothes that he has as he battles the Heartless and travels to various Disney worlds.

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In the original game, Sora has white mittens with blue and yellow stripes that attach to a metal plate on the back of his hand. Future games see the gloves evolve, including black gloves with a white criss-cross pattern on the back and a longer pair of gloves that have a mix of black, gray, red, and yellow.

3 Little Mac – Punch!!

Although there was once a boxer-like character on this list, it would be hard to go on without mentioning one of the most famous boxers in video games. Little Mac. The old school star Punch !! games, the green-gloved athlete was considered an underdog for most of his fights due to his stature.

However, all the player had to do was exercise patience in these games as the goal was to try and read the biggest opponents Little Mac would face to try to memorize their attack pattern and pick up some of them. to profit from. Although it’s more of an avatar than an in-depth character, it’s hard not to love the guy who will take out any enemy with just his pair of gloves.

2 Knuckles – Sonic the Hedgehog

While Sonic the Hedgehog is also known for having a great pair of gloves, they pale in comparison to the pure style that is Knuckles the echidna. His gloves are the typical white gloves that players have seen many famous people wear across games.

However, with its introduction into sonic the hedgehog 3, the notable difference with his gloves are the two points that come off his knuckles. Without hearing him say a single line in-game, players could probably tell this guy was going to be tough. And despite plenty of glove-wearing characters throughout the franchise, it stands out as the most memorable.

1 mario

The most famous face in all of video games may also have the most famous gloves. Since Super Mario Bros. 2, mario was marketed as wearing gloves on his journey despite the art of the game not necessarily making them stand out. However, the more the adventures came out, the more defined the gloves became.

Signature gloves are usually plain white gloves, but are distinctive in that they have three ovals that form a pattern on the back of the gloves. This design would be adopted by other characters in the franchise and the concept would even be copied by other games. Despite the simplicity of the design, it’s hard to imagine Mario without his hands covered.

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