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Behavior Interactive looks to the future as it celebrates 30 years of creation with a content-rich showcase, cementing its status as Canada’s largest independent studio. Beyond its flagship IP Dead by Daylight, played by 50 million players worldwide, the Montreal-based developer is unveiling new titles and sharing exciting surprises as it opens up about what’s next.

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W

In June 2021, Behavior Interactive teamed up with Capcom to bring iconic Resident Evil™ characters Nemesis, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy to Dead by Daylight, bringing one of gaming’s most acclaimed chapters to life. This year’s iteration expands the Resident Evil story within the Dead by Daylight universe and deepens the stories of a new killer: Albert Wesker, known in-game as The Mastermind, and two new survivors: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. With this release, fans will also be treated to a map overhaul of the mythical Raccoon City Police Department.

The Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter will soon be available via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Meet Your Maker: A Post-Apocalyptic Builder-Raider Game

Behavior Interactive’s meteoric expansion continues with its all-new IP: Meet Your Maker, slated for release in 2023. Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, the first-person building and raiding game places generated content by the user at the heart of its gameplay with each level designed by players for players.

The player is the Guardian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. The key to Chimera’s evolution, and the planet’s most coveted resource, is pure genetic material. Players can build and fortify maze-like outposts to mine and guard valuable Genmat or infiltrate and outmanoeuvre other players’ outposts to gather more. Players can expect fast-paced combat raids as each outpost will test their mettle, wits, and reflexes as they try to enter, grab the GenMat, and make it out alive. No outpost will ever be the same, making it a highly replayable experience. Meet Your Maker will soon be available on PC and consoles.

Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is available today

A page of history is also being written today for both Behavior Interactive and Dead by Daylight as Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is released. This marks the first foray into visual novel territory for the studio and the first game spin-off from the popular asymmetrical horror game universe.

Fans of the multiplayer title know that deep within each character’s lore, twists and dark truths lurk around every turn. Nothing is truer on Murderer’s Island, where players embark on their own journey to this island paradise. Their companions on this lush and colorful getaway? Four Dead-Sexy Killers, who beneath their murderous exteriors just want a little romance. Among those eligible lovers, fans will love The Trapper, an alpha male whose bulging biceps and singlet swimsuit leave little to the imagination. The Huntress, with her herculean biceps and cute bunny mask, is here to smash her way into the hearts (and souls) of those lucky enough to know her. The Wraith is all fun and playful, thanks to his sunny disposition and about his button-up shirt and bathing suit. Finally, bikini and Kimono-clad The Spirit is all goth and roll, ready to be charmed and charmed with her Katana in tow.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is now available exclusively on Steam.

Jurassic World Primal Ops: a thrilling mobile game

Behavior Interactive is proud to partner with Universal Games and Digital Platforms on a free-to-play mobile action-adventure IP: Jurassic World Primal Ops. The game, available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play, gives players a mission that only they can complete: save the dinosaurs from their enemies and create a balanced coexistence with humans. With an in-depth dinosaur collection, leveling system and amazing action-packed missions, Jurassic World Primal Ops is an exciting top-down mobile game that is ready to download now.

Flippin Misfits: a fun new gravity-defying game coming in September

Continuing to reach new genres of gaming, Behavior announces the imminent launch of Flippin Misfits, a brawling game for 2-4 players that takes place around a spaceship on the edge of the universe. In Flippin Misfits, players do battle in vibrant and dangerous arenas, both inside and outside the ship, where their combat and gravity-defying skills are put to the test. The gravity swap feature creates a 360 degree melee brawl unlike anything in the gaming world today. Attacks can come from any direction and any surface can be used – all in a fun and funky environment where sci-fi influences meet underground club house vibes. Gamers won’t want to miss the experience of this game like no other – available exclusively on Steam in September.

Project S: a mystical quest

Last but not least, Behavior Interactive is proud to partner with Toronto-based Lunaarch Studios to bring Project S to life – an open-world puzzle game where players can come together to explore a mysterious realm of logic and wisdom in single-player, in co-op, or even large multiplayer game modes. Surrounded by floating islands, ancient architecture, and awe-inspiring views, players will complete quests, find secrets, and discover new puzzle islands, all while learning more about the origin and fate of this enigmatic universe. Project S is scheduled to launch in 2023 and more details will be shared soon.


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