Top Rated Steam Games of 2021, According to Users


Woolly mammoths run a train on a sunny day in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Got a feeling Totally Accurate Battle Simulator might not live up to its name?
Screenshot: Landing

Forget the press awards and honors. The best games of the year are really determined by the behavior of the players. And if you want to see what people play and love, there are few places better than Steam, which has seemingly been dominated this year by a mix of games that you’ve certainly heard of alongside some that may have. be flown under your radar.

Each year, the definitive Steam tracking site SteamDB compiles an algorithm-generated list of the best games on Valve’s popular storefront. The immediate result is a public list of 250 games, which you can sort by different categories. But in terms of raw rankings, the top 10 games, according to SteamDB ranking algorithm, are the following:

  1. Fully accurate combat simulator
  2. Dyson Sphere Program
  3. Rhythm Doctor
  4. Fireworks
  5. Cookie clicker
  6. Room 4: old sins
  7. PowerWash Simulator
  8. Landscaper
  9. small rabbit
  10. Under your eyes

Some notable games correct missed the cut. Rounding out the top 20, there are a handful of 2021’s hottest hits, including Encryption, Psychonauts 2, Valheim, and the city-builder twee Dorfromantik. The simple fact of entering the top 20, at a very respectable 19th place, comes It takes two, Who recently voted Game of the Year at last week’s annual showcase from Geoff Keighley’s collection of blazers, The Game Awards.

SteamDB’s ranking algorithm is determined by a number of factors including the total number of positive reviews, the total number of negative reviews, a bot weighted percentageh, and the maximum number of simultaneous players in the game. Filtering by category allows you to glean fascinating discoveries.

For example, when you sort by “peak” (which refers to the pinnacle of players who have played the game at the same time), you will learn that only two games out of the top 250 Steam games of 2021 have cracked a six-figure concurrent player. . to count: Valheim and Resident Evil Village. Filter by “negative” (which refers to the total number of negative user reviews), and you’ll learn that only three games received a huge negative rating: Cats in time, The big con, and Sunshine Heavy Industries.

While promoting the list, SteamDB cited a few honorable mentions at the bottom of the rankings: Battlefield 2042, in 10,234th place, and eFootball, arriving last as the 10,351st lowest-rated game of the year. Both games were marred by rocky launches. Battlefield 2042, a first-person shooter game released by EA, arrived with bugs and is largely considered incomplete by its players. by Konami eFootball 2022, meanwhile, launched with connectivity issues that even the the developer basically said he didn’t know how to fix.

For those who like to comb through data, SteamDB’s list is a delight. You can browse and play with it all here.


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