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“The degree still offers the full curriculum which provides a one-stop-shop for our interested students to complete all requirements through UTSA. However, over the years we realized that some students needed a little more flexibility,” Neely explained. “As a result, the new master’s degree offers a focused concentration option to enable these students to take high-quality courses through us, but gives them the flexibility to identify their own site of supervision or even their own area of specialization.”

“One of the great things about this field and this job is that you can work as a BCBA in a variety of employment settings and with different people,” added Hannah McNaul, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Program Coordinator for the Versatile Concentration. “The majority of our students work as BCBAs in a clinic providing services to people with autism; however, we have many students who are employed by school districts or who provide home-based services. Because there are so many options, we try to ensure our students get the experiences that will prepare them for the job they want. Many of our students move quickly into advanced professional roles due to the high quality training obtained through the program. »

The Behavior Analysis program also offers a Graduate Certificate, which provides the required seven content classes. This option is best for people who already have a master’s degree, or for those who simply want to understand behavior analysis to apply in their current job.

“A number of our students in the certificate and the targeted option of the program are teachers, particularly special education teachers. Some already have a master’s degree, so they just look for the approved courses,” said Mary Kirkpatrick, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Program Coordinator for Focused Concentration. “They appreciate the flexibility these options give them as they work full-time in class and apply what they learn in their courses to better support their students.”

Students interested in learning more about the ABA program should visit the ABA on the UTSA website or contact Leslie Neely at [email protected]


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