WEconnect Works helps companies improve the behavioral health of their employees


SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WEconnect Health Management today announced the launch of WEconnect Works, a new affordable mobile offering for employers looking to help their employees with behavioral health. Behavioral health and substance abuse affect at least 10% of employees in the United States. Unlike legacy solutions, WEconnect Works offers digitized emergency management rewards, moderation management, and is personalized to fit each employee’s lifestyle.

Behavioral health, including substance abuse, is one of the most important public health issues of our time, and employers can make a real difference by providing their employees with the tools and support they need to guide their well-being,” said Daniela Luzi Tudor, CEO and co-founder of WEconnect Health Management. “But the wait for mental health professionals is at an all time high and seeking peer support at company meetings or in small towns can pose a significant challenge to employee privacy and comfort. , so we need a new approach that will engage employees in the way they prefer.”

Helping Employers and Employees

WEconnect, which was founded by people in long-term recovery, has transformed the mental health and recovery journey by providing individuals and their loved ones with mobile tools and support when they need it.

Employees with behavioral health issues are five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim, three times more likely to be injured on the job, and twice as likely to seek time off. This costs employers more than $8,500 per employee every year.

Previously available through health plans, WEconnect Works is now available directly to businesses even if their insurer doesn’t offer it. It helps organizations mitigate the impact of these employee issues by enabling them to:

  • Create and monitor recovery routines for support and self-care

  • Attend one of more than eight mobile support meetings led by peer counselors throughout the day

  • Capitalize on specialist support meetings on harm reduction, bereavement, women, family members who support people living with mental health issues and substance use disorders (SUD) and LGBTQIA+ community, among others

  • One-to-one on-call peer support with a peer support specialist who can help members learn how to manage stress, anxiety, motivation, build healthy habits, and set realistic goals.

With the WEconnect Works module, employers can also offer digitized contingency management that prompts employees to adopt specific behaviors that help improve their behavioral health. This incentive reward module was previously only available for health plans and includes gift cards for CVS, Safeway, and Amazon, among others.

Tools that provide anonymous support and positive reinforcement are essential. WEconnect found that people using its tools for more than 100 days are 50% more likely to maintain a positive habit change. This success rate increases to 99% after one year.

“At FloraCraft, we want to make sure we provide the behavioral health resources to support our more than 230 employees,” said James Morkert, Director of Human Resources and Safety, FloraCraft. “There are limited resources in our area, so I looked at a number of options. We found WEconnect’s innovative approach to offer the most flexibility and privacy and was well received by our team.

About WEconnect Health Management

WEconnect Health Management is a health technology company focused on solving the biggest public health crises of our time: mental health and substance use disorders. WEconnect serves the public through health plans, employers, partnerships, and direct-to-consumer apps that support the recovery journey and recognize milestones.

For more information about WEconnect Health, visit our website.


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